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Here for you guys a female vampire preset, And another nord female Preset.


Dawnguard (I don't know if a preset need it, i've already made a Non vampire preset in case it's true.)


(all optional files needed.)

KS Hairdos Renewal

The Eyes Of Beauty
(for the Non Vampire preset.)

Natural Eyes
(I used VampireEyes meshes and texture from that mod, but you can use others if you want.)

Vampire Face Less Sunken For Female
(If you don't use it, the face won't be the same.)

Recommended Mods:

Cute Eyes

Eye Normal Map Fix

FaceLight Plus

Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes

Better Vampire
(if you play as vampire that mod is what you need.)

DVA  Dynamic Vampire Appearance   

Other mods for vampire character.
(it seems i've listed here all Nexus Mods, just for a preset. LOL :D)

This two still need edit too, I kknow you'll make better and if you want show me your Customization.
LITTLE NOTE: I've Updated my previous succubus preset, i made it better this time. but its you who decide if it is better or not :)

here's the link

Follower Info :
Name: Isabel. 
Race: Nord  / Vampire.
Combat Style: Mage.
Location: Castel volkihar (default)/ Dawguard Fort / Winking Skeever in Solitude if you choose non DG DLC.
Isabel is crazy and kick arse of any enemy (includin' the player if you bother her too much or she will dismiss).
She'll level up with player (until you're bored of levelin' Up -10 to 299-).
She use frost and vampire spells including one custom (isn't custom since it's in DG) conjure Gargoyle, a spell tome is in her inventory to learn the spell, and an enchanted sword that deal more damage to weakling, i mean mortals and other non Undead creatures.
She's marriable ( what's the fun in that? ).

- tktk /ECE Team
- Expired6978
- HHaleyy
- Gabriel Mailhot
- KS Team
- Tiwa44
- Dimon99
- Caliente