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True Spear Combat won't be upload anymore on this page follow this link if you are interested by:

Spears By Soolie (SbS) Reanimate
by Boubõule

Welcome Everybody,
This mod evolve with your commentaries, so don't forget to post your request.

I      Presentation
What's new here? A little video of presentation is included, you will see the javelin animations inside.
II     Installation

If you think that Spears by Soolie is too hard to install, follow my tutorial, it's more fast and easy

III    Recommendations

Read this part for a better experience in game.
IV Future project
If I've time to develop this ideas.
V    Resolve your trouble
If you are unlucky, you will find a solution here or on the forum.
VI   History
If you want follow the story of the mod or if you like ISO 9001
VII  Mods incompatible with the Patcher

I Presentation
This mod is a lot of addition for the mod named "Spears by Soolie" which is currently abandonned by his autor.
The original mod offer the possibility to play with spear (1 hand sword) and javelin (throwable) in Skyrim with different animation.
- The First addition is a multitude of new animations for spears and javelins which can be played during travel and combat.
This animations are for right-hander and cover javelins and spears: the 1 hand combat with/without shield and the 2 hands combat
are playable.
You can checked the .gif on the top of this page if you want see what are the look of some animations.
- The Second addition is a fix for the old "patcher" from Soolie which don't want founded masters, with this error message "missing masters" for some mods. Now you can patch your game correctly same if you have Realistic Needs and Diseases by perseid9, Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor, ApachiiSkyHair on NPCs USLEEP and USKP Compatible by Cloudedtruth or any others. I've included halberds and tridents which can now run animations.
- The Third addition is an "XPMSE skeleton modified for the quiver javelin position"and allowed more liberty as keep your equipment with All geared up by MrJack and repositioned your spear with XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama.

- The Fourth addition concern compatibility and addons, see the Recommendations part for this

Some videos by SEXX .

II Installation
U need to install Spears by Soolie (very long installation) or used the fast installation of "Spear by Soolie Repacked" from SBS - FNIS PCEA2 by Abbalovesyou.
2°) Install my mod with copy and paste in Data or with NMM,
delete the old patcher file name "Spears by Soolie" in "Data\SkyProc Patchers" and found Spears by Soolie_Redone.
3°) Launch SUM or the new patcher (Only if you have installed an other mod), If you've bug, got to the end of the page, trouble section is for
4°) Install and Launch FNIS 6.2 by Fore
, clic on"xp32's PC Exclusive Animation Path (PCEA)"and "Update FNIS Behavior".
Start a new game in the menu Skyrim
, I recommend Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon, to play 3rd person animation in 1st person view.
6°) If you want parameters of "1st Person for Javelins", download and install it with NMM when you want use javelins. If you want use a bow, install the "1st person for Return to Original". For users of Archery Gameplay Overhaul, re-install the "1st person for Return to Archery Gameplay Overhaul". This versions are done to facilitate the come back from version to an other.

III Recommendations
For the Data\SKSE\Plugins\SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini from Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon, I recommend parameters below which are the best for myself and yourself.
; Enables experimental third person arms when in first person

If you like Archery Gameplay Overhaul by Dservant
If you want have 1st person fix for release and sound with javelins from SbS to use with  Enhanced Camera.

IV Future project
- A spell for a "Bound spear", I need a model to create the new spear.
- "Ribbons and feathers on spears" with the HDT physics.
- "True Spear Combat" mod whose the development will retake to 2018, not before.

V Resolve your trouble ( For all troubles or advices use posts. Nothing is perfect):
- You need to delete your old plugin "Spears by Soolie Patch" before to launch the patcher, because the patcher don't overwrite the old plugin.
- If you experiment bug with NPCs animations, you can use the SBS - FNIS PCEA2 by Abbalovesyou, animations run only for your avatar.
- When you load an old save, animation don't run in game. (No ideas for the moment)
- If you switch weapons to spears on horseback, you jump down from horse. (Will be fixed with FNIS)
- Stamina drop fast (Fixed).
- Spear Attack spend many stamina if you use Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul by kryptopyr.
- I have a bug message like "missing masters", so you don't have run my patcher but the old patcher from Soolie.
- BOSS and FNIS aren't compatible, you need Nexus Mod Manager.
- This message give by the patcher "java.lang.NullPointException error", the cause is probably a mod, mods like Sit anywhere by tilokan1337 or FireAndIceOverhaul by Apollodown.are know to have incompatibility with SbS. U need to find what is the mod which do that.
- Nudity bug, Invisible head => U've add a new race. The Solution is below.

Qaxe's Questorium by  Qaxe Qaixaci. U need to place Spears by Soolie after Questorium, launch the patch and lauch FNIS.
Use Tes5edit.
- Go on your SpearsbySoolie Patch, Race, right clic on WoodElfRaceSpear or
other, "copy as new record into", choose SpearsbySoolie Patch.
- Rename your new copy BlueElfRaceSpear, do the same thing with WoodElfRaceVampireSpear -> BlueElfRaceVampireSpear.
- After go in your FormID list, SpearRaces, change the reference from BlueElfRaceSpear and BlueElfRaceVampireSpear by news creates.
For me, I pass from BlueElfRaceSpear "Blue Elf" [RACE:E8000D9A] to BlueElfRaceSpear "Blue Elf" [RACE:E8000D9B].

If you have specific skill with your new race, Go to your Race "BlueElf", Actor Effect, clic on "PowerBlueElfFrostCloak "Cold Vengeance" [SPEL:E6008012]" and edit it, copy it or just the ref SPEL.
Go to your new race "the false" and paste your new effect.
Do that for all effect which interest you. It's done. You can change all skills or effect that you want manually.
Other thing, To avoid to redone all if you recreate a patch, create a copy of your new Race in the Race from SpearbySoolie.esp.

VI History

Spear by Soolie Reanimate
03/12/16 - v.0.9.9 - Update -
Some little details
27/11/16 - v.0.9.8 - Update -
All movements and some powerattacks and attack for halberds.
10/11/16 - v.0.9.8 - Update -
Add 2 hands animations : the Sneak attack, all power attack and a fix for my old block bash.
22/10/16 - v.0.9.7 - Update-
All animations walk and run attack for one hand with spears. (Future : sneak attack)
15/10/16 - v.0.9.7 - Update -
All animations walk and run attack for polearms with spears (Future : special attack for halberds).
05/10/16 - v.0.5.0 - Miscellaneous -
Two animations (1hands - attackright and powerattack redone) for have your opinions.
01/10/16 - v.0.5.0 - Miscellaneous -
Two animations (2hands - attackright and powerattack) for have your opinions.
22/09/2016 - v.0.9.6 -
New animations Two hands for spears (blockbash, blockanticipate, 3 blockhits).
20/09/2016 -
Optional animations -
Alternative One hand with shield (blockbash, blockhit), New release for javelins (feet don't move)
10/09/2016 - v.0.9.5 -
New movements if you use 2 hands weapons (like halberds or spears) and a special block for spears from Bobs Armory Skyrim, (1hm_idle clipping fixed).
30/08/2016 -
A Version to Download and install with NMM. A version easy to install for SBS - FNIS PCEA2.
Reduction of the weight of animation file. A long version of 1hm_idle (45s). Some fix for animations.
25/08/2016 - Optional file -
3 files NMM for change parameters of your 1st person view when you use Javelins or want return fast to Bows.
Fix the sound bow and release in 1st person.
23/08/2016 - v.0.9.4 - Optional file - Spear in low hand:
New movements (Walk), New block (Idle, Bash & Hit) & attackpower debugged.
20/08/2016 - Optional file - Spear in low hand:
New movements (Run), Blockidle, Idle & attackpower (bugged).
16/08/2016 - v.0.9.3 - Javelin:
All animations for the 3rd pesron redone.
- v.0.9.2 - Javelin: Sneak Release, idleheld & ildedrawn (3rd person animations). Stamina drop fixed.
09/08/2016 - v.0.9.1 - Javelin: Idle, Release, Equip and Movement (3rd person animations)

Next Upload - Attack animations one and two hands.
- Spear and halberd like polearms
(movement animations, block animations, attack animations), fixed turnleft and turnright & in high hand. (New mvt for polearms). Fixed the runforward animation.
- Spear in lower hand:
All Attack redone, different blockbash animations without shield. (3rd person). - Some kill move for spears and halberd.
- Javelin: (FIX my animations).
First person animation (not completly forgotten)
Bobs Armory Skyrim by Mr.Dave include new spears and halberds for two hands combat which will be present in a future mod.
With my partner Demoboca & Mr.Dave - A new plugin "True Spear Combat - Weapons and Animations""with a new
script and new weapons (Halberds, Spears & Javelins), don't
necessitate the Soolie's mod. The patcher will be unnecessary. You will
have access to my Alternative animations with FNIS (Over the
skeletonRace) & Fixed All bugs that U can detected due to weapons
switch. The pilum from Historical Revival - The Roman Era by Jedo Dre, used by romans will be introduced in the new plugin.

VII   Mods incompatible with the Patcher
- Sit Anywhere.esp
- Emote.esp
- FNISSexyMove.esp
- GCE NPC's Replacer.esp
- Populated Skyrim Legendary.esp

It's ALL ?
I will try to avoid the SpearRaceSkeleton in the future and FNIS to create behavior if I have some time.

Mr Dave, the creator of Bobs Armory Skyrim offer you a new lot of spears and halberd soon is possible. So don't hesitate to check his page.

In other way, I've tried to base my work on the maximum of historical precisions like in the excellent Historical Revival - The Roman Era by Jedo Dre and the team, so if you have any videos or documentations for help me send a link in post.