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Adds 2 Standalone remake Morrowind 4th Era Armors. Male / Female

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In the 4th Era, Morrowind Kings like Hlaalu Helseth had personal guards to protect them and to firsthand carry out important task. Tribunal Royal Guards were the main force of these soldiers, but the personal protection laid on the shoulders of the Elite Royal Guard. These guards were hand picked by the King himself and were second to none in combat. They would stay close to him throughout the day as bodyguards, keep posted near by all night, always keeping an eye on the King.

For personal matters that would require trust and discipline, the Royal Enforcers were the Kings goto troops. These soldiers would handle an array of task, ranging from message carriers, spying, investigations, dealing with issues afar and even assassinations.

When people seen either of these King's Royal troops armors coming, they were respected and feared.

"Of course none of this is official. I just tried to give these two variations of the "Tribunal Royal Guard Armor 4E armor"  a back story. :p 

Hope you enjoy!!"


This mod is a Standalone retexture of the Tribunal:Royal Guard Armor by Sabbath6100. There are two versions of this armor. A Red colored named "Elite Royal Guard" and a Black Version named "Royal Enforcer". Both are based off of the Morrowind's Tribunal Royal Guard. The armors are a cross between all three variations with my own twist. They are made of steel and a rare chitin (Not in the mod yet).

Along with two new variations of the armor, a shield and buckler of each set has been included. Along with an Royal Obsidian Sword. This sword is a Glass sword made from the volcanic glass native to Morrowind / Solstheim. Mesh used for the sword is Garibanth's  Narrowed thinner glass blades transparent glass compatible modified with custom textures.


- Male / Female fully covered armor.
- Adds Elite Royal Guard Boots, Helmet, Glove, Chest, Shield & Buckler.
- Adds Royal Enforcer Boots, Helmet, Glove, Chest, Shield & Buckler.
- Adds Royal Obsidian Sword


None, No DLC's.
Plus all files have been renamed to work with other mods. Also you can use the original mod together with this.


No special steps to install if using NMM, Mod Organizer or manual. 

How to acquire:

Craft under Steel and need the Advanced Armor Perk. This was done to make it DLC free.

*Might add another recipe, see below in Future Plans.


- Should work with any mod.
- Some ENB's might change the color of the Elite Royal Guard Armor. Giving a pinkish "color".

Reason for Mod:

Started this as a learning project. This is my first time really editing meshes, textures and packaging a .esp. After finishing the helmet I realized the chest was a multi-mesh mashup. This was way over my skill level. But pushed on through it to learn the basics of nifskope and texturing multi-textured meshes. Was going to do a different texture for this set, but with the multi-meshes and invisible areas, these made it more work than I could do on this project. I will apply this technique on another single mesh armor that is done next.

Sample Texture I wanted to use

With that said, I am a noob and there are still some things that need working on. It is still good to go imo. Still would like to polish it a bit more but I need to learn how to go about it. If you want to give some pointers or lend a hand please feel free to PM me or leave a post. But thought I would share this with everyone.

Known issues:

- Blood effects show up on invisible areas.
- Clipping areas
- Male heads clip helmet
- Helmet chin stays in one place when head is turned. I think this is do to rigging. Need to research it.
- Legs are invisible if wearing Chest and not the boots.

Future Plans:

These are things that will be worked on if people show interest.

- Cloaks to match each armor
- Fix all issues stated above
- Level list, NPC's in Solstheim, maybe undead wearing the sets.
- Merge the meshes into a single Chest piece & boots.
- Change the crafting to items you can get from a loot table. Items like Ancient Smithing blueprint, Rare Red Chitin, etc.

I have been given permissions to use these assets.

Would like to thank Sabbath6100 for letting me recreate his awesome armor and Garibanth for letting me use their resources in making the sword.  

- Original Armor ported from Oblivion to Skyrim:
 Sabbath6100 - Reclamations Morrowind Style 

- Mesh used for the Obsidian Sword
Garibanth - Narrowed thinner glass blades transparent glass compatible 

Would like to give a shout out to themythofanst for his port of the original armor from Morrowind.

- Original armor port from Morrowind to Oblivion
themythofanst - Tribunal Royal Guard Armor 

Thanks for checking out this mod!


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