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Shouting is now increasing your speechcraft.

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Sooooo you are running around shouting at pretty much everything that moves.... aaaand your speechcraft doesn't increase? WTF?
No more Yours truly D13 has fixed this issue for you :)
Running around Skyrim and shouting is now increasing you speechcraft. EVEN if your shout recovery time is 0.

Long description:

Ok, so it always bugged me that speech is so freaking difficult to level up, it takes bloody ages. So I made a mod to speed up the speech increasing process and the D13 Faster Speechcraft Mastery - speech leveling was created. during that process I was thinking hmmmm How come the shouting doesn't increase the speech as well? So i did some Nexus and google search but the only thing I have found was a mod that required ScriptDragon. I tested it, it is working, but it has some weird side effects. Soooo that is a "no go", and so I stared to think about how to make shouts increase your speechcraft. 

Tried many many  ways how to make it, some didn't work, some worked more or less. And then I remembered the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

So a super light and super simple script was created that is attached to a shout that is giving you standard exp per shout. Doesn't recognize if you are using one, two or three words of a shout yet. If i figure out a simple way how to do it then I will update the mod. HOWEVER shouts that can hit multiple opponents (fire breath, frost breath, ice form etc. ) will add boost to the exp. for every target hit.

Optional EXP File:

This file is located in the download section under miscellaneous .

I understand that people have different taste so if you think you deserve more or less exp for your shouting OPTION EXP file is for you.

How to choose and install the right file for you:
It takes north of 1.4 mil EXP to get from 20 Speechcraf to 100. Default exp for shouting is at 100 at this point in time.
Sooooo 1.4 mil divided by 100 is 14k, Soooo provided you have no other way how to level up you speech you would have to shout 14k+ times to get to 100 speech.
Now some shouts are aimed and these will give you as many EXP as many targets you will hit. 
EI, If you use fire breath and your exp is (default) 100 per shout and you manage to hit 4 targets you will get 400 exp. So even though you think 100exp is low, you might find it to your liking if you are like me and shout all the time using SkyVoice mod or ThuumMic. If you are shouting using your keyboard and you are not shouting that often you can up can choose higher value.

Inside the OPTIONAL EXP file there are folders with manes that present the amount of EXP you will get per shout.
Installation is easy, choose which file you want and move the "scripts" folder to you data folder inside Skyrim installation directory.
Done. Enjoy.

Pick the right file for you and there will be no requirements other then the super obvious Skyrim to run the game, DLC if you want to use the DLC add-on. USLEEP compatible file if you use USLEEP.


This mod is 100% compatible with ANY mod that doesn't change the vanilla and official DLCs shouts. If you use a mod that is editing vanilla and DLC shout a patch has to be made. Please make a request.
If a mod is adding new shouts this mod is fully compatible, but if you want those shouts to give you exp a patch has to be made to take advantage of my mod. Please make a request if you find such mod. Below are mods that are patched to take advantage of my mod.

Dovah Drem - Peace of Nature - Path of Kynareth by Alexandriel V3.0

To do:
Make a patch for DLCs
Make all in one Legendary edition file
Make all in one Legendary edition file with USLEEP support
Make optional files for the amount of EXP acquired by shouting

Increasing speechcraft will have effect on shout recovery time and shout power
Make patch for mods that people are using, you will have to make a request for me to make a patch for your favorite mod. If the patch will be requested by multiple people I will make one

As always THANK YOU guys for all the support. My mods will be forever free so show some love if you like my mod-s.

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