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Gift armour or weapons to any NPC for them to immediately equip. Features a Speech-based persuade dialogue option to begin outfitting (optional).

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Do you have tons of armour mods, and wish you could see them in the world more often?
Ever wanted to gear up those guards so they'd stand a better chance against Vampire attacks?

Then Outfit NPCs is for you!

Outfit NPCs lets you gift armour or weapons to any NPC for them to immediately equip.  Outfitting is initiated through dialogue using a persuade check (which can be disabled); if you're friends with the NPC, you don't need to persuade them.

Doesn't store information about outfitted NPCs, which means lower script load and no "management slots"!

Feature overview

- Toggle Outfitter power adds or removes the Outfitter effect
- While the Outfitter effect is active, a dialogue option for outfitting should appear
- You have to persuade NPCs to let you outfit them ("Why don't you put on these items...? (Persuade)")
- The chance to succeed the persuade is based on your Speech, but also has a random component.  This is configurable in the MCM, including making it always succeed.
- Failing the persuade check gives you the Anxiety effect for 15 minutes (configurable), which prevents you from attempting an outfit persuade on any NPC while it lasts.
- If you're friends with the NPC you don't have to persuade them ("I have some gear for you to wear.")
- By default, outfitting uses the gift menu, which means everything is one-way; you can't get your gear back.  You can change this in the MCM.

My video overview:


SkyUI for the MCM; other MCM mods would work I guess.

Known issues / FAQ

Do outfits persist across game exit / leaving the area?
Yes! (Tell me if they don't!)

This isn't working with my follower!
There are already plenty of follower mods out there that let you customize follower outfits, so Outfit NPCs is not intended to be used for followers.
I use Amazing Follower Tweaks, which lets you set a standard outfit, as well as one to wear in cities and at home.

Known issue as of 1.0.3:
If you:
a) have not yet fully overridden an NPC's default outfit
b) equip an old piece of their default outfit that you previously overrode
c) equip the NPC with items that override the remaining pieces of their default outfit (except the one you reequipped in b)
Then the NPC will equip their full default outfit over whatever you gave them.
It's a pretty small problem, since none of your items get destroyed, and it requires giving them pieces of their default outfit (probably not too common on its own) before having replaced all of their original outfit, so I don't think it will happen that often.  I will think about how to fix it though.
Currently the only fix I know would involve clearing their outfit and reequipping it when you begin outfitting them, which causes a brief flash where all their gear is unequipped, which I really don't like.

Dialogue doesn't show up!
Try saving and reloading your game.

NPCs are changing their weapons! / NPCs change weapons when I add a piece of armour after giving them a weapon! / <some other wonky weapon / shield / arrow behaviour>
Yeah, it turns out NPCs do try to choose the best weapon, unlike armour.  However they only update their weapon upon entering combat, or something else like having their inventory updated (i.e. equipping another item).  For now you'll just have to work around it, sorry.  Try the Full inventory access mode in the MCM for full control when messing around with this.

I can't outfit children!
It's because children can't wear most "normal" gear - it ends up just unequipping what they're wearing, and sometimes messes with their hair. 
I started to add a "allow outfitting children" option, but it required a lot of extra logic in the scripts, so that's on hold for now.

Why do I have to persuade people to give them free armour?!?!

MCM options

Balance tweaks

Persuade chance modifier: Affects the chance to pass the persuade check.  1 means you're guaranteed to succeed at any Speech level, so set it to 1 if you don't like the persuade chance.  Look at the the Persuade chance calculator to test out values.
If you're curious, the formula is Probability = (Speech/100 - 1)^3 + 2 * Modifier
This is what the curve looks like with the default of Modifier = 0.525.
Increasing the Modifier shifts the curve up, and vice-versa.

Anxiety duration: Controls the length of the Anxiety debuff (see the Feature overview)

Full inventory access mode: This makes outfitting use the normal inventory menu instead of the gift menu.  This means you can take items back if you want, but unfortunately basically allows free pickpocketing.  Use it only if you're disciplined!
Also, it might have slightly odd behaviour, particularly when removing items.  I may make some fixes.

Speech advances per day: The number of times per day you'll get Speech experience from a successful outfit persuade.  I've got it set to 1 by default because of how easy it is.

Unlimited Speech advances per day: Remove the limit on Speech advances per day.

Outfitting ability

Toggle Outfitter Power: Adds or removes the Toggle Outfitter power

Enable NPC outfitting: Adds or removes the Outfitter effect (i.e. same as using the Toggle Outfitter power in-game)

Persuade chance calculator

Persuade success chance shows the probability of passing the persuade check using the current Persuade chance modifier and the Test Speech level.  Note that Test Speech level doesn't actually affect your speech level, it just feeds the value into the calculator.


Armours in the screenshot with armour mods:
Tera Armors (Elisif has Nightwinder set and the rightmost male has Ascendant set)
Immersive Armors (leftmost three dudes)

Schwertleite Set (woman with the winged helmet)
Osare Maid Outfit (guess which one)
JackGa Shop (rightmost male's shield... lol the mod has a huge amount of items and that's all I used it for)