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A patch between Tx12001 Immersive Lichdom mod and EnaiSiaion's Imperious Races

Permissions and credits
I've always wanted to play Undeath with tx12001's Immersive Lichdom while being able to use EnaiSaion's Imperious races racial abilities as I can not play skyrim without Enai's mods. So I decided to make this patch for myself and upload it for others who also like the combination to try. Warning this is my first mod. I've tested this on my own for a few hours and fixed the few bugs I've come across, that said if you do find any bugs please let me know so I can try my best to fix them. 

Requirements for Undeath Imperious Liches:

RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard

Undeath - Version 1.3
Undeath Immersive Lichdom v3 (compatible with the oct2 3.5 update)
Imperious - Races of Skyrim - Version 7.04 as of making this Mod (now updated for 7.08)

Optional- If using the Disparity version This is required


Install via Mod Organizer 
Make sure you have installed ALL requirements first Then install this mod.
Place this mod below Imperious Races/Immersive Lichdom and their Requirements
Antioch08 for creating Undeath
TMPhoenix for creating RaceCompatibility
Tx12001 for creating Undeath Immersive Lichdom v3 + advice on patch
kryptopyr for creating Disparity
EnaiSiaion for creating Imperious Races as well as helping me out with advice on patch
lRekol - Shout out for giving me help on making sure the conditions were correct