My Bouncing Attempts - CHSBHC by Rifuru
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Added: 04/02/2012 - 03:37PM
Updated: 14/02/2012 - 05:18AM

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Last updated at 5:18, 14 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 15:37, 4 Feb 2012

14/2/2012: Succubus CHSBHC WIP V1 -uploaded '
Note: I will emphasize that the succubus file will ONLY contain meshes , and will have :
1)A hyper-active/bouncing button on the chest
2) Clipping on the lower right breast
4)Removal of shoulders/sleeves due to (technical issues in 3Dmax)
5)Heightened dress to reveal more :D Butt Montaaage!
6)Doodled the vertexes to allow the boots to fit into the CHSBHC body..
View Gallery Before Downloading & Check the "How to install Section"

11/2/2012: Tona Airy Dress CHSBHC WIP -uploaded "
1)Airy Dress (All Colours) -Functional Sliders + Black Boots + No Pants ( View Gallery :DD)

5/2/2012: Hana Dress CHSBHC V1 -uploaded " contains the correct meshes and fixed BSLightingShaderProperty

Im not sure if it's done, but im just trying to sort out the differences with vertex and 3dMax
but MORE importantly the shape of the breasts upon enlargement ! with my favourite body mod

the bouncing effects works for all sizes of "boobs" that can be changed
via the "showracemenu" slider. However , at larger breast sizes the shape tends to differ .

How to install?
+Hana Dress By Aruless (Crediting Hentai)
1) Download the mod from aruless
2)Place the files from aruless into your Data Folder for Skyrim!
3) Download my file, which contains a meshes folder
4)Overwrite, and Done!! XDDDDDD

+ Tona Airy Dress By Aruless (Crediting Tona)
1)Download the mod from aruless
2)Place the files from aruless in to your Data Folder for Skyrim!
3)Download my file, which contains a meshes folder

+Succubus by Nausicca (Crediting Nausicca)
Note: I do not gain anything from this, except hours of editing vertex after vertex T_T
--> Download both files, follow the sequence, overwrite the content, with the second file
named as "fix, "
2) Download the meshes from me, as usual overwrite the content ONLY after you done the first step in your Skyrim Data Folder

To-Do Lists for Conversion)
1)Blue Stripes Elite - Ves (Permission Granted By Author)
2)Triss Outfit (Seeking Permission)
4)Etcolous (Fan-made armor) -- making from scratch

Lastly, Credits goes to aruless , as i simply taken the meshes from aruless for testing.
not forgetting hentai aka zotman12 and Tona the main creator of many creations and including this Hana dress

Future Directions
Re-shaping of how the breasts are covered by this dress to make it more natural....