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.bat script set for switching between Skyrim and Enderal

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The Enderal Switcheroo is a set of currently 6 bat files of which 5 must be configured before use. They can be run from anywhere on the System and offer the possibility to put your two games Skyrim and Enderal anywhere on the system.

The current scripts are:

  • SwitchOnlyEnderal.bat / SwitchOnlySkyrim.bat - switches to Enderal/Skyrim without starting anything
  • StartEnderal.bat / StartSkyrim.bat - switches to and launches Enderal / Skyrim, if available, with SKSE
  • StartEnderalLauncher.bat - switches to Enderal and launches the Launcher
  • StartEnderalSwitch.bat - switch to Enderal, launch Enderal, switch back (added with v2.5 for better steam-handling*)

* The general Idea is that Steam does not actually know, that Enderal is installed. This mean that Updated et al. could destroy your Enderal. Therefore we try to keep the time that we are in "Enderal mode" to a minimum by automatically switching back to Skyrim when done.

These scripts can be called in any order, executing SwitchOnlyEnderal.bat twice will not cause any problems.

For this script to work you need to have two separate directories for Skyrim and Enderal, so best would be to rename your Skyrim folder first, reinstall Skyrim and use that folder for your Enderal installation.
These scripts do require you to have writing access to the folder your Skyrim is installed in (i.e. your Steam folder). If you do not want to remove UAC protection from your steam folder, there is a way of circumventing this by linking your Skyrim folder to a empty folder at a place you may write into and using this new folder als game folder in the configuration step. For exact instruction, consult the included manual.

Installation and Configuration
Installing the Switcheroo is simply done by extracting the zip file anywhere on your system. (Really. Even pen drives are fine.)
All bat files except StartEnderalSwitch.bat need to be configured to tell them where your Skyrim folder,  your Enderal folder, the actual game folder (which will be linked to Skyrim / Enderal), the respective folders for Game config and saves (that's the folder in Documents\My Games) and the folders for plugin load order are. For exact instruction, again, consult the included manual.

Note: This Switcheroo does not actually rely on Skyrim and can easily be  changed to work for other games. It would also be possible to switch between more than two games. If anyone needs it, take it.