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Enter the world of the Psijic Order and become a member of this powerful group.

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Welcome to the Psijic Realm. After defeating Ancano you've become Arch-Mage. The interactions with the Psijic order have left you wanting for more, and fortunately you've proven yourself to be a worthy mage. According to myth only an Arch-Mage chosen by the Psijic order would be able to get in contact with them. At the highest point of the college now you can do so yourself.

The Psijic realm contains many of the order, both seen before, as well as mythical member only described in books. The members you will find are:

  1. Iachesis - Rite Master
  2. Celarus - Lore Master
  3. Quaranir 
  4. Nerien
  5. Gelebros 
  6. Tandil 

Part 1

The Psijic Order will send you on various quests in order to gain highly powerful spells that must be retrieved and learned in order to become part of the Psijic Order. The quests aren't easy, they are on par with how a powerful Arch-Mage should be!

This first version of the mod introduces you to two lengthy quests, facing the Dark Brotherhood themselves! You will find them in various new locations... even if you're their leader in Dawnstar, these members follow another leader, be warned!
(Other quests with other adversaries will follow)


Unfortunately due to a form of miscommunication between myself and the creator of the spells mod I'm no longer able to use the two spells in this mod. I have replaced the spell in the GIF animation with a really similar one. I will be adding more teleportation spells with the next update that adds Part 2 with the Talmor.

I've completely cleaned the file of everything that was related to his mod. 

1. Two Brand new quests: Facing the Dark Brotherhood, while obtaining and using new spells
2. Three new locations: Psijic Realm, Boat of the Dark Brotherhood, Hidden Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood
3. New teleportation spells
4. Psijic Order clothes: Powerfull enchantments, count as light armor
5. Various strong weapons: Dark Brotherhood bosses use them, so you must earn them first!
6. Interactive locations: Lights can be toggled, NPC's do more then just walk around, etc.

1. Finish the College of Winterhold quest-line and become Arch-Mage
2. Go to the rooftop of the College of Winterhold and make your way to the Psijic Realm.
3. Speak to one of the members of the Order to start your quest!

- This shouldn't conflict with any mods.
- This is my first true quest mod. There will be flaws! I've replayed it many times before publishing, as far as I know it won't have any major bugs
- More quests will come, first I wanted to cover the initiation!
(My graphics were achieved with Realvision ENB)

- All Skyrim DLC. Why? Because I use the assets.
- You must finish the College of Winterhold quest-line first in order to gain access to the College of Winterhold's rooftop.

- Me for taking the effort to create this mod
- Bethesda for creating this game