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A collection of replacement scripts to fix various bugs in Deadly Dragons.

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This is a patch for the scripting in Deadly Dragons, simply install Deadly Dragons first, and this mod second. The new scripts still provide the same functionality; no changes were made to any Deadly Dragons gameplay mechanics.

I also recommend installing the Modern Brawl Bug Fix by EnaiSiaion, even if this patch is not installed.

Please be sure to endorse Deadly Dragons if you enjoyed it.

A full changelog has also been provided below:

- An animation event was broken due to a misspelled variable. This has been fixed in multiple scripts. The event will also now unregister when the affected dragon is unloaded or dies, as a precaution against save bloat.
- Several scripts will now unregister for updates when the affected dragon is unloaded or dies.
- The primitive brawling check in Deadly Dragons was removed. It only checked for two brawling events, so you would have needed the Modern Brawl Bug Fix even without this patch.
- Abilities that trigger invulnerability were affecting all dragons of that class, instead of just one dragon.
- Frost Blast could trigger forever if a function call failed. A safety net has been added to prevent this.
- Bonuses to dragon Health/Magicka/Damage/etc. were sometimes stacking. Possibly only fixed in new games.
- Tempest could, in theory, attempt to move an object to a null location. This has been fixed.
- All update calls were moved to a RegisterForSingleUpdate system. RegisterForUpdate calls just ask for trouble.
- The Assault System should now check for an open sky every time.
- Multiple scripts no longer import the utility script. In some cases, the utility script was never even used in the original scripts.
- Several small scripting optimizations.