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This mod removes the default couple of spells (flames and healing) and adds the spell tomes to your starting area, compatible with vanilla and Alternate start - Live Another Life. Comes with a FOMod installer with multiple options.

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I have ported this mod to SSE!

If you own Skyrim Special Edition, check this: Optional Starting Spells
I'm no longer supporting the classic edition of this mod (this file), I suggest everyone to move to SSE.


Optional Starting Spells does a simple thing, remove the starting spells that comes with the player, those are flames and healing. Then, make those spells optional by just adding the spell tomes to the starting area, so you are who decides if you want it or not.


This comes with a FOMod installer, so just open it with Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager.
There are 4 options:
- Just remove it! > This will remove the spells but will not add the tome spells.
- Vanilla > Adds the tomes to Helgen Keep, at the torturer's room.
- Alternate Starts > Adds the tomes to the Abandoned Prison
- Both > Add the tomes at both places... why would you do that?

Are you in the mood of a manual installation? uh? Then just copy to the Data directory the ''Optional Starting Spells.esp" from the specific option of the mod and activate it.


- 'Alternate Starts' and 'Both' options requires Alternate start - Live Another Life to properly work.
- This mod edit the Player entity record; '00000007', if you know a mod that edits that, let me know and I'll do a compatibility patch.
- Mods I know uses this record:

- Disparity - You don't need this mod if you are already using Disparity, it is redundant. But if you insist on using this mod for the spell tomes, make sure you load Optional Starting Spells BEFORE Disparity.