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Replacer for main Thalmor NPCs and follower clones

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I like Thalmor and I like making NPC replacers so I decided to improve this guys a little. This mod improves Elenwen, Rulindil, Ondolemar, Ancano, Ancarion and Estormo. Mod comes in two versions: only NPC replacer and NPC replacer + follower clones with the same look.

Main features:
• Mod is fully standalone with its own everything (except bodies)
• Face textures
• New hairstyles for everyone
• High poly heads
• New armors with high quality textures

This mod requires Dragonborn DLC and SKSE (besauce of high resolution warpaints. SKSE is not critically needed but without it warpains will look pixelated). I recommend manual installation. Choose the version you like, unpack the archive and place files to your Data folder, activate TMThalmorOverhaul.esp in the launcher.

You may find follower clones in Solitude Castle Dour, Thalmor Headquarters. Please note that this mod is actually a roleplay thing and this followers are not for everyone. You can hire them only if you're a Thalmor member. You can do it via console, use Aldmeri Dominion Strengthened or Alternate start.

• Sometime the followers don't appear in the place where they should be. I don't know why on earth this bug pops up but I've experienced it myself many times. Other save file or moving the mod in load order, tick/untick/tick it sometime helps.
• The names of locations touched by my mod may look like some strange symbols. It's because my game is not in English and I have very complicated relationships with translation program, sorry.

• I myself don't use any unofficial patches, gameplay effects or whatever such stuff so I can't say anything about how they'll work together. Follower framework overhauls like UFO are fine.
• Concerning EEO users: this replaced NPCs and their follower clones probably will not be affected by EEO because they use their own head model and EEO uses its own one as well.

- I don't like this/I don't like that/can you change the things how I want/can you make separate mod for each NPC?
- No.

- I want their original voices for that follower clones!
- This is technically impossible because their original voices don't have voiced lines which you need for follower dialogues so I had to use the voices which have such functions.

- Can you make this followers be able to be hired by everyone?
- No.

- Are they marriageable?
- No, they're on duty.

Erik for Skyrim HighPoly Heads
Maevan2 for Mature skin
Geonox for High res face maps for men
Xenius for XCE - Warpaint and Dirt
Halendia for Iridum eyes
Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair
Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky KS Hairdos
Jethead for Jethead armors
Cabal120 for aMidianBorn Elven armor retexture
Nikinoodles for Cloaks of Skyrim
Nightshade for Thalmor robe retexture & helmets <3