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A nice quick cheat menu to add perks, edit skills and stats, and change player level.

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It's a nice quick cheat menu in MCM. What more is there needed to be said?

This allows you to edit player stats and skills, increment skills, add perk points, and set levels for the player, as well as modifying some pesky actor values that do not stay after saving the game.



Version 2:

Framework for translations laid (thanks Xn2 for reminding me translations and $variables are a good thing)

Fixed a RTFM rookie mistake I made that unfortunately lead to me typing the IMPORTANT message (thanks cdcooley for leading me to the cause of my mistake)

A new menu with what is a look into future features!


But seriously, barring the name, this mod is more of a useful utility so that you don't have to fiddle with
console commands to set up new characters or modify existing ones, rather do it through MCM cheats.

Made by the request of Banned? and surprisingly, took me like 8 hours to do. Well, that time did have distractions from youtube, podcasts, and music. :P