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A new set of custom hand crafted Medieval German Gothic Style armor in skyrim! The set can be found in a chest marked on the map near riften. This armor set is slightly better than daedric armor.

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Armor Set- Medieval German Gothic 

About the Armor---<

This is a set of armor that was created in Germany but fashioned through out Europe during the Medieval Era, from the time periods of the 16th and 17th centuries. Plate armor such as this was worth more in money of that time as a new car today.


This Armor can be found near the hold of Riften on a small island near honeyside, it is marked on the map with a custom map icon, but you will need to discover the location. The armor is inside the large nordic chest.


This Armor should be compatible with most, if not all mods, including other armor mods and texture overhauls. Credit to CD Projekt Red from some texture usage/mapping.

Armor Quality---<

This Armor is tailored toward higher leveled players who are bored with using daedric armor, but in reality any one can enjoy his armor as it is slightly better than daedric armor, and already crafted for you. The armor is heavy, and weighs alot so lower level players will not be entirely OP when using this Armor set.


If you discover any bugs and or glitches while using this armor set please leave a comment on this mod so it can be patched immediately.