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Makes Giants harder to battle by simply causing "Fus Ro Dah" style blow away effect everytime they hit you (or anything). Now you can lure a giant to a camp full of bandits and watch him wreak havoc! or is it "havok"? i forgot... i think its "havoc".. anyway, yeah, they are very powerful now. They'll hit you flying a

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It simply enchants the Giant's Club entries in the CK with something that blows actors away using the pushforce script. But this also adds the effect to every move they make so it looks more like it is their pure strength that makes you flyyyy awaaaay!

Tag says it doesnt require Dawnguard DLC but if you do have the DLC i have put together an NMM options form so you can have the effect on frost giants! yippee!

Final note: I do recommend downloading with Nexus Mod Manager!

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