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This is the start of a small rebuilding of some vanilla followers and NPC's. See the description to know which characters are altered.

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This mod is an ALPHA. I'm putting it up so I can get feedback and possible ideas / advice from people more knowledgeable than me. Also so I can update it from multiple places, it's easier to download it from Nexus than carry it around on the flash drive I'd lose.

This is a simple NPC overhaul. I'm starting slowly and adding new NPC's and followers as they annoy me.

Danica Pure Spring - Changed her appearance to make her look younger (not anime, just younger). Removed her dagger and gave her a mace (I'm a D&D nerd, priests use maces!!). Altered her outfit to give her a "red robe" and a circlet of restoration. Gave her some perks, mainly tied to healing (thinking about making her a follower that can heal the player with a small heal over time).

Faendal - Revamped his face and hair (yes you need ApachiihairMales for the momment) so he doesn't look like Camilla's grampa (am I the only one who thought that was creepy?). Changed his outfit so he will be wearing beginners light armor. His armor is entirely dependent on a random number generator when the NPC initially loads. He will, usually, be wearing different armor when you first meet him in every game. (Why the heck was the village hunter wearing farm clothes!?!) He now will have Bound Arrows. I abandoned the idea of a bound bow at the moment as it was being difficult to make him cast it and, frankly, it was a bit overpowered for a starting follower.

Farengar Secret-Fire - Changed his appearance. I view Farengar as the classic fantasy wizard character. I altered his appearance to reflect this. I also changed the Court Wizard Outfit so they are wearing a mage robe (nothing fancy, just a robe that looks like a master's robe). The idea here is most mages in Skyrim, probably, graduated or attended the College of Winterhold. So why are they wearing what looks like monks robes?

Hroki - Carried over some changes from USLEEP (not required to have it). I changed her appearance to be a bit prettier (my viewpoint, some may disagree). She's portrayed as a pretty girl, so she should look like one. Also, I changed her class and combat style and added some perks. Basically, I made her a thief (she likes shinies, figured it fit). Added some perks to her (there's a lot of them but they don't overpower her in combat, just make her viable as a backstabber). In the next update I do Hroki will be made a follower. I intend to add a couple of scripts to her to enhance the sneaky aspect.

Irileth - Changed her outfit (in my ongoing campaign to delete the Leather Armor's ugliness from my game). She's the highest ranking military officer of the area, why is she wearing worse armor than the guards who serve under her? Now she wears the uniform of Whiterun.

Jenassa - She's my favorite vanilla follower. I changed her appearance to make her look a bit more like a bad-ass (my view). Also, her combat style and class have been changed to custom. She'll prefer using two daggers now and she has the perks to make that desirable. I also intend to change her armor, that's a work in progress as I haven't found one I like. For now she's wearing Elven Light Armor. I hate the look of the Leather Armor in Skyrim so I won't be putting that back on her, even temporarily.

Sven - Changed his appearance and outfit. He now looks like a bit of a dandy. I figure Sven is an arrogant, narcissistic, S.o.B. He spends all his and his mother's money on making himself look good. He also has a flute and a lute in his inventory. I also changed his class and combat style. This change was based, mostly, on the meta of the game. You have two beginner followers available: Faendal and Sven. Faendal is ranged, so I made Sven's combat style that of a tank. He's not overpowered, but he should help you survive if your a squishy mage or light armor type at the beginning of the game.

Up to date, legal copy of Skyrim (legal because I'd have to know if it's not legal to help with any questions. It does matter.)
ApachiiSkyHair (All of them now.)

The followers are still compatible with all the follower management mods they were before. I did not touch their follower system (yet), it's still vanilla.
They are not compatible with any mods that modify the NPC's listed. Look them up in TES5Edit, if there are records under "Non-Player Character (Actor)" that conflict with the NPC's listed you'll have to make a patch or simply choose which versions you want in your game.

There was parts of Vividian ENB running when I took the image. The textures are, mostly, vanilla. I just tried to remove all the "Old Man" elements from his face and make him look a bit timeless. My view on elves.

I want criticism. Not really about his look, I'm happy with that. If you have an idea on what I could do to improve the functionality of summoning that stupid bow, I'm all ears. This is an Alpha, as stated at the beginning. I'm continuing to work on the sorry [email protected]$terd until I get the weapons right. Once that's done I'll do another version that has vanilla hair and a version that is standalone with the Apachii hair.

Just as a warning, comments similar to, "This sucks, you suck, he looks like your mom!!", will be summarily deleted. Pretty much anything that isn't constructive or is insulting is unwanted. I'll take constructive criticism and compliments (who doesn't like to be told they're a unique snowflake?). Uninformed and opinion based insults neither I, nor most of the Nexus, really care to bother with. Thanks guys 'n gals.

This is (partly) inspired by Kevin Kidder's (aka sushisquid) Specialized Followers mod. I recommend anybody to check out the Legendary version updated and maintained by Gruftlord. It's a great mod and inspired me to goof off with my own version.