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A cozier, more useful Honeyside player home in Riften. Now comes with honey, as advertised!

Permissions and credits
I am no longer maintaining Oldrim mods. Permissions are 100% open, do whatever you want.

Get the Russian translation here, kindly done by Korifey with permission.
Get the Polish translation here, kindly done by mnikjom with permission.

Does this sound like you?
"Sure, I'm a thief and assassin, but my fam needs somewhere respectable to live. We're really into beekeeping, booze, and stuffed bunnies. But I also don't want my swag oppressed. I need loads of storage. Like so much. I want to show off all the goodies I've stolen collected. My therapist says I'm a hoarder, but my probation officer thinks it's a healthy outlet."  

If so, look no further! This is a sweeter, cozier Honeyside with 100% more honey, family fun, and hoarder-enabling displays! And don't worry, you'll still look cool when your friends come over. 


The Deets
  • Overhauls Honeyside, the vanilla player home in Riften. 
  • Apiaries and honeycombs abound! You're a beekeeper now bae.
  • Same number of windows inside as outside, unlike vanilla!
  • Room for two rugrats, a housecarl, and a hubby (same as vanilla). 
  • Custom crafting stations for alchemy and enchanting. No smithing stations since they're literally ~40 ft. away by Balimund, but there is smithing storage. JK, added smithing to porch in 1.1 because I forgot smelters in all cities is not a vanilla feature.
  • Quick access to the Ragged Flagon. One-way, so no one wanders into your bedroom uninvited.
  • Custom music type in the house using seven tracks from The Witcher 3. 
  • Two guards, each with a 12 hour shift, stand guard at the front door and serves as fences.
  • Extensive collection of displays, including dragon priest masks, dragon claws, black books, elder scrolls, and daedric artifacts.
  • Plenty of weapon racks, shield displays, weapon cases, and mannequins.
  • Some armor comes on static displays (TG armor, DB armor, Wedding Outfit, and Nightingale Armor). I like wearing these, but I want them on display too. I do what I want.
  • Lots of room for books. Steal a whole library. I believe in you.
  • Wind chimes with sound fx on the porch to soothe you while you reflect on your questionable life choices. Good place for those long chats with Inigo.
  • Many custom textures (signs, doors, art, furniture, etc.) so everyone can tell you're a special snowflake.
  • Buying decoration upgrades doesn't do anything, it will be upgraded at the start because upgrades were being buggy. However, you should go buy the child room upgrade right away because the adoption quest checks for it. No child room upgrade = no babies for you.

Important Info Before Installing
If you were already living in Honeyside, please remove all of your stuff before installing this. Also leave the house, and to be safe, send your fam somewhere else. Chest the load order and compatibility sections below, this is very important if you have ELFX or Alternate Start - Live Another Life.

Buying upgrades doesn't actually change the house, but you need to still buy the child room upgrade in order to adopt kids so the game knows you have room. 

Requires all DLC

Load Order
ELFX - NoHoneyside.esp
Alternative Start - Live Another Life.esp

Github confuses me and I don't know how to update the LOOT masterlist, so you'll need to edit the metadata yourself for now. LOOT will try to put my mod in the middle of this list, but that causes many issues!

Ragged Flagon Mods: This mod makes one single edit to the Ragged Flagon to add an invisible marker so that the trap door in Honeyside works. 
Housecarl, Spouse, and Children Mods: I have not touched the marriage or adoption systems, or the housecarl.
Enhanced Lighting and FX: You need the "No Honeyside" patch that is an option in the ELFX installer. Load my mod AFTER this patch.
Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul: You need the "SFCO - No Player Homes" patch. Thanks to SigynX1 for pointing this out!
Alternate Start - Live Another Life: Load my mod AFTER this, or else many of my changes will be overwritten and things will float. If you choose to start by owning Honeyside, there may be a mace, bow, and arrows clipping into one of the bookshelves. Just loot them!
Riften City Mods: I have edited the outside of the house and the garden very slightly. Should be fine unless the city mod edits these too.
Honeyside Mods: Seems obvious but I'm putting this here so no one asks...

My Honeyside Doesn't Look the Same as Your Honeyside :<
In my screenshots and video, I am using textures from the Skyrim Mod Combiner, Tetrachromatic ENB, and Vivid Weathers. Results may vary based on your setup! At the very least, download this honey pot retexture. You can't be using low res honey in Honeyside.

Music from The Witcher 3
Wind chimes sound fx from by 3bagbrew

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