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Snow Elf Home located in the Reach in the mountains behind Bthardamz. Features all the crafting stations, storage and displays. Room for 3 Followers. Not a large home, but not exactly small either.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • German
Snow Elf Hut

Snow Elf themed home Located in the Reach in the mountains behind Bthardamz (See map in the image section)
Must be purchased for 7,500 gold - Click the sale sign at the door

Requires all DLC's

4 Levels (See layout image in the image section)
Level 1 - Kitchen, Dining & Alchemy/Enchanting
Level 2 - Library
Level 3 - Displays
Level 4 - Master Bedroom, Follower Room (3 beds) & Pool

Custom Elf follower
Auto undressing for NPC's at pools
Teleport Spell

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