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Adds small descriptors to certain food and drinks, meant for use with Frostfall and needs mods.

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Support for this mod has ended. I've moved on to using CACO, which, among other things, provides the utility of this mod. As I release my own plugins based on my personal needs and load order, I now have no reason to maintain it, especially since it already works as intended. Thanks for your interest!

Frostfall and Needs Flavor Text
Please read the F.A.Q. at the bottom of this page!
-What is it?-
This mod is a single plugin that adds extra text to the effects of certain foods and drinks, meant to provide some context as to how they function with Frostfall and some needs mods, without having to consult a mod's MCM, a webpage, rely on your memory, etc. This is done by attaching dummy (blank) effects to the items that have only description text. So, now, on top of the usual description for Nord Mead, you also see, "Alcoholic. Temporarily reduces Exposure for 3 minutes." It honestly doesn't do much more than that, an attempt to blur those lines a bit more.

That being said, these bits of flavor text are NOT meant to be 100% comprehensive. Consult Frostfall and your needs mod to help determine the full effects of your items.

-What version do I download?-
There are currently 4 active versions of this mod...

First, I should point out that this mod actually doesn't require Frostfall or a needs mod to be installed. This and the way it was designed was to help keep down the amount of work needed to maintain it, and helps to make it work out of the box with as many things as possible. However, unless absolutely needed, I will not be adding more separate versions (please see F.A.Q.).

This mod should be compatible with almost everything. Really, the one thing it won't work with are mods that change food and drink effects.

For any version of this mod that requires Realistic HD Beverages, please load my plugin after it. You can do this manually through Skyrim's default launcher or by setting up a rule for it in LOOT.

My needs mod of choice is iNeed. So, that's what this was tested with. Considering pretty much all major needs mods have the same basic ideas, I don't see many problems if you're not an iNeed user. However, I would highly suggest it.

Download and use with your desired mod manager. To manually install, download the file manually, open the zip archive and place the plugin in Skyrim\Data. To uninstall, use your mod manager or delete the plugin.

I would highly suggest for anyone using the RHD Beverages versions to also use Realistic HD Food and Beverages - Havok Physics Fix. Please consult that mod page for installation instructions.

Q: Will you add support
for mod X?
A: Quite frankly, no. At least it's not likely. I make plugins mostly for myself, which means they're relevant to what mods I'm currently using as a player. If I start using a different set of mods, I'll adapt my work beyond what it already covers.

Q: What food and drinks does this mod cover?
A: Everything. At least everything I could find. From the ever-popular Nord Mead to Talen's special drinks at The Bee and Barb, all the soups I could see, and even skooma.
Sadly, it's easy to overlook things and none of my friends who play Skyrim had the time to help me playtest this. But after 40+ hours of my own casual play, I didn't find anything out of place. Let me know if I missed something or if the listed effects aren't up to snuff.

Q: Wyrmstooth support?
A: Though it's always in my load order, I haven't played Wyrmstooth through in a good while now (and the mod seems to be missing from the Nexus, too...). When I play it, I'll add support if need be.