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This changes your Argonians to be more scaled and more reptile like.

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Hi everyone

This is a complete new texture replacer for the Argonian Race. They have some scales now (i think reptiles should have some)
Also i changed the Normal Map a bit, if you don't like the normal map, just delete the "_msn" files to get the Vanilla ones.

The Textures come in 2048 (Standart) and 1024 (Lite)

What is this Mod?

The Mod will replace your Vanilla Argonians with high detail 2048 Reptile like textures. Also with new Normal Maps. There is a Lite Version for those who have a lower PC. They come in the resolution 1024x1024 but work and look nice too ;)

How to install?

Just copy the texture Folder into your Skyrim/Data Folder.

How to uninstall this?

Simply be deleting the argonianmale and argonianfemale folder out of your "textures/character/actors/" Folder....

Is it compatible with CBBE and similar Mods?

Yes you can use it with CBBE and other Mods like that. I didn't encountred any Bugs so far. If you find some, report them and i will fix them. ;)


You can upload the File on other Sites aslong you name me as creator of the Mod.
Also you can add this to your own Mod, just give some credits for the work.

Thanks to Behtesda for this cool Game!

If you have made Screenshots, feel free to post them here, so other People see how they look, also i am really interrested in your Character.

I hope you enjoy my Mods!

Have fun,

Take a look at my other Mods.
Thanks for your time. Feel free to comment if you like my Mod or if you found any bugs, or things to improve.