1. LorSakyamuni
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    Join my discord to find updates about my mods! I might share some resources there :)
  2. LorSakyamuni
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    Version 1.3 released.

    - Armours and clothes are now separated from the main file.

    - Added some other stuff: more paintings, more funiture, shop signs and more.

    - The chandelier was missing the collision. Now it's fixed.

    Not much more left to convert. I will add facemodels in the future. Remember to endorse and credit me. Enjoy!

    NOTE: Trees, flora, furs, tents and ships are either not convertible or the converter won't let me export them. Architecture looks horrible when imported to Skyrim because TW3 uses a completely different lightning system that makes them look good...so yeah, not gonna bother unless you want some flat house that looks ripped from a 2005's game.
    1. neostarfire
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      What about with a modded game with a great ENB? Because let's face it, the lighting system in the original Skyrim was just plan awful!
    2. LorSakyamuni
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      An ENB cannot recreate the way light and colors are rendered in TW3. It's a completely different thing.
    3. Ashleaves
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      Hey, is it okay if I use these along with the other two packs in my house mod?
  3. JobVanDam
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    Do any of these meshes have HAVOK so they can be used as MISC items? Or are they all static pieces?
  4. hermaeuslibrary
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    A great resource, thank you!
    Where can I find a tutorial on making beds playable? I can add a furniture marker in NifScope, yet I have no idea what to do next and see no changes...
  5. crazyfluke
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    Thank you for these, will work great in my mod!
  6. 1luck
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    Do I have to do something special to get the textures to show up on the models in se ck?
  7. AndreeaA
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    Many thanks for making these available. I’ve used many of them here: Lakeview. Manor - as it should be.
  8. Drkman85024
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    I'm new to mods for games what does Meshes are not rigged mean?
    1. InquisitorOctavius
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      It means the clothing can't be worn. Clothing, armor, shields, hair; anything that displays on your character except weapons needs to be rigged to your character's skeleton via a process called weight-painting so that it moves with the character. Without that, you wind up with an unmoving outfit in a t-pose at the bottom of your characters feet, with no body.


      Unfortunately, rigging things is a colossal pain in the rump.
  9. aleniskendra
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    Thank you so much! I used your resources in my new mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83589/? (You are properly credited there.)
  10. AngelofDeath1819
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    Does this pack have Geralt's famous bathtub?
  11. kchez
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    Hi there.

    Any chance someone could point the way to a tutorial on how this was done please?

    Having recently aquired a copy of The Witcher 3, I've already seen a lot of meshes I'd like to try and convert in to static meshes in skyrim. I'm using a lot of the resources here in a mod I'm currently working on, but a few extra would be the icing on the cake.

    I assume it's ok to use them? A lot of these mod sites have rules stating not to use resources from other games, yet this seems to be an exception.
    Could someone explain why by any chance?
    1. Apollyna
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      I believe the people that made the Witcher have explicitly stated this sort of thing was okay.
    2. Nexak
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      They did, and the Tera people, as far as I know.
  12. kangaroocdub
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    Awsome resources indeed. Thank you very much for sharing these .