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Description :

--Normal Version--
How can one wait 24 hours just standing up in one place. Also, can you sleep for 24 hours straight ?! I can't.
Also, when It's pitch black darkness at 8pm (darker nights mods), Why would I go to the nearest inn and pay for a room while i can just wait 11 hours for the morning and get going!
What this mod simply does is that It reduces the MaxWait time to 2 hours, yes, 2 hours and the MaxSleep to 12 hours. If you want to skip the night, press the wait button 5 times, or just go have a great night sleep at the nearest inn (unless you're broke). \\ That's partly my reason for making this mod //

--Sleep More Version--
This version will force you to sleep more rather that just wait to pass the night.
Have you ever noticed that you wait more than you sleep ? to a point that Waiting and Sleeping have become the same tool for the same purpose, which is to advance the time. Well, no more, from now on, Waiting is Waiting and Sleeping is Sleeping.
The 'Sleep More' version of the mod allows you to go a step further and restrict how many times you can hit the wait button, after reaching the limit, you will HAVE to go to sleep since you obviously got tired from just waiting.
For example: It's 9PM, pitch black darkness, you might think you could quickly wait your time through the night, but you cannot, you can only wait a max of 4 hours, then you will have to go to sleep.
You can no longer bully the Wait system and skip nights and days just waiting. If you want to pass the night, Sleeeeeep like a normal person would do. And if you're far from home, spend some money and rent a luxury room. I'm sure you can afford it.

Simply put, if you don't sleep much, and would like to give the Sleeping aspect some importance, go with "Sleep More Version", if you just want to reduce the values realistically, then go with the 'Normal version'.

Installation :
- This mod requires SKSE, the rest is very straightforward, just copy paste to the 'Data' folder (or use ModOrganizer to install, It's cool)
- You can tweak all the Values as you please using TES5Edit, I'm pretty sure you'll know how and which is which ;)

Compatibility :

You don't have to worry about that for this mod!

Recommended Mods :
- Realistic Nights : Makes nights Hell-ish, This way, you can no longer keep going on road as if it's daytime, Night ? Camp or rent a room. | You can use any mod that makes nights pitch black darkness, I'd use CoT, but my potato can't handle it!
- More Expensive Services and Assets : In Skyrim, Everyone is Rich, the combination of this mod+My mod is a nice Money-Sink IMO.

Credit :
I gotta thank KyoParadox for making his mod available to everyone, without it, I wouldn't have known where to start.
Every Modder out there who was kind to share his knowledge and his work and helping make this community so great.

Permission :
I made this mod for personal use, If you ever find yourself wanting to use it in your mods, go ahead!