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Escape with Ulfric, watch Elenwen & Tullius arguing, enjoy brand new carriage dialogue, a new voice for Hadvar, a fix for the infamous 'it's in the clouds' error Bethesda made and much more.

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Ever thought Skyrim's opening scenes were boring and felt like they were missing something? Well, today's your lucky day, because this mod rejuvenates and overhauls 'Unbound' by restoring LOTS of cut, unused dialogue, including a more invigorating carriage scene, escaping the Keep with Ulfric and Elenwen confronting General Tullius.

Special Edition Version out now!

The changes affect Hadvar, Ralof, Lokir, General Tullius, Ulfric, Elenwen, the Imperial Captain, Gunnar, Haming, Torolf, the Torturer and Torturer's Assistant, Vilod and Ingrid.

While some people simply have more or different dialogue, Hadvar and Lokir actually have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VOICES!!!
Of course, this isn't as much of a big deal for Lokir as it is Hadvar, as Hadvar will have this alternate voice throughout the ENTIRE GAME!!!

Improvements to Vanilla version:

*The Thalmor have more of a presence, with Elenwen confronting Tullius.
*The Captain doesn't say 'sentries, what do you see' when the dragon is literally in front of her. This and the other 'dragon spotting' dialogue plays earlier, so it's more realistic.
*Extends and restores the scene with Haming and Torolf - it's now a more emotional affair instead of a rushed side plot, with more dialogue from Hadvar, Haming, Torolf and Gunnar.
*The ability to escape with Ulfric, FULLY VOICED! Ulfric and Ralof will talk to each other and to you.
*More dialogue for the dragon attack, citizens now scream and panic realistically
*Elenwen & Tullius argument fixed - more dialogue. Ralof now comments on Elenwen & Tullius' argument
*Ulfric and Ralof have a conversation in the tower by the Helgen Homestead. Ulfric is happy to see Ralof alive and Ralof explains you're a prisoner the Empire tried to kill.
*Ralof comments on the Stormcloak soldier that Alduin kills in the tower and calls him by his previously unknown name, 'Vilfrid'.

Version 3:
3.1 Updates:
Restored 1 line for Ulfric. Fixed the Tullius & Elenwen argument, 'General Tullius stop!' line finally plays and 'thalmor bitch' plays later. Fixed volume of Hadvar's lines. Fixed Lokir's line skipping when he left the cart. Fixed Ulfric's last scene not playing correctly. Fixed Ulfric & Ralof freezing in the Storeroom.

Introducing a new voice actor for Hadvar, Patrick Mahoney, who brings to life the beta characterisation of Hadvar excellently. With several tweaks and improvements to the dialogue Patrick did himself, he's really made the character his own. All of Hadvar's dialogue has been redone and this new voice will remain for the entire game, so long as you have the mod's .esp active.

Compatibility with other mods:
Alternate Start - Live Another Life - ONLY works if you follow these steps:
Helgen Reborn - Compatible, as long as you follow that mod's instructions: "it is imperative that you leave Helgen Reborn UNCHECKED until you exit the cave with Hadvar/Ralof."
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul - Compatible as of Version 2.3!
Civil War Overhaul - Should work without any problems, as this mod doesn't change the Civil war 
The Forgotten Prince - Team Kaleidoscopic - Causes executioner cutscene to break, enable after escaping Helgen

All testing has been done with the mod at or near the BOTTOM of the lead order and for me, it works perfectly. So for everyone saying for whatever reason they've put it at the top, THAT'S why it broken! (Probably :P)

Bethesda - For cutting the content so I could make the mod :P
Patrick Mahoney (NEVERMOREPJM) - For doing a wonderful job voicing Hadvar!