Less Bitchy Lydia by rabidstoat
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Less Bitchy Lydia V 1.0

I got tired of Lydia whining about how she is "sworn to carry your burdens" whenever
I asked her to carry something, so I gave her an attitude adjustment. Now, instead, she
simply asks: "What do you want me to carry?"

Just a one-line change in dialogue.


> Use Nexus Mod Manager


> Manually extract the zip file in your Skyrim data directory. (On a typically Windows
install this is probably in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data".)
This should place the "dialoguefo_dialoguefollowe_00060023_1.fux" file into the
"data/sound/voice/skyrim.esm/femaleeventoned" folder.


> Use Nexus Mod Manager


> Manually delete the following file: