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Drop coins, coin purses, and gold piles from your inventory with optional dynamic gold weight.

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There have been a few mods to drop coins from your inventory, but nothing particularly good to collect them into purses or piles. This mod attempts to bridge that gap by supporting individual coins, collective coins, all forms of coin purses, and Dragonborn-inspired gold piles with a configurable MCM. The method for dropping has been added as lesser powers.

  • Coins: Can be dropped as one consolidated coin with an amount or individual coins. The amount to drop is set in the MCM.
  • Purses: The purse size is calculated automatically based on minimum purse amounts in the MCM. For example, if you have enough gold for medium and small purses but not enough for a large purse, a medium purse will be dropped.
  • Piles: The Dragonborn DLC is not required. The amount of gold stored in a pile is set in the MCM.

If there is insufficient gold to meet amount requirements, nothing will be dropped and a notification is displayed.

Gold weight can be set directly from the MCM, and this weight override can also be disabled to support compatibility with other mods that modify the weight of gold. When gold has weight, encumbrance is adjusted, but because gold does not show up in the general inventory this number can be confusing. So I've added a temporary gold item in the Misc category while the inventory is open to facilitate easily seeing where weight is applied to encumbrance. Showing gold in the inventory can be enabled or disabled from the MCM.




Drop the extracted archive to your Data folder, or ideally use your favorite mod manager.


Delete the .esp, scripts, and meshes or remove from your favorite mod manager.


Gold Master expects base gold to come from the Gold001 misc item. Mods that change Gold001 (attributes, meshes, or textures) should be compatible, but other gold items probably won't be recognized. Let me know if any mods have odd behavior and I can see about patching Gold Master to be compatible.