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Adds craftable armored circlets for every type of armor; they work with \'Matching Set\' perks and can be improved at the smithing table.

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Latest Update 2.1:

* All non-enchanted circlets have been added to the blacksmith's levelled item lists, meaning that there is a chance they may be sold by any blacksmith at the appropriate level.

* Removed all circlets from Beirand's merchant inventory.

* Streamlined nightingale circlet crafting; you can now craft the highest levelled version of the nightingale circlet if you have any version of the nightingale hood in your inventory. Redundant item, upgrade and crafting entries for the lower-level versions of this item have been purged.

* Added new model & textures based off the leather helm for many types of light circlets, including: fur, hide, leather, forsworn, light imperial, stormcloak, scaled, thieves guild (normal, improved & guild master), dark brotherhood (cowl, ancient cowl & hood), nightingale & linwe.


Do you prefer the way your character looks wearing a circlet, but hate missing out on the armor bonuses from wearing a helm, and qualifying for the Well Fitted/Custom Fit and Matching Set perk bonuses? Then look no further; these easy-to-make craftable circlets are everything you've been looking for!

What it does:

This mod adds craftable armored circlets to the smithing forge for every type of armor and every type of unique helm (such as the dragonpriest masks, helm of yngol, masque of clavicus vile, etc.), as well as making normal decorative circlets craftable as jewellery at the smithing forge.

All non-enchanted armored circlets may also be purchased from Beirand the blacksmith in Solitude, and 3 new kinds of decorative circlets are available for purchase from the 'Radiant Raiments' store in Solitude.

To craft the circlet you want, you just need to have the appropriate smithing perk (steel smithing for armor types that dont have their own perk) and the appropriate materials. Certain circlets require you to have the type of helmet that the circlet you wish to make is based on, such as the Nightingale and Dark Brotherhood circlets, otherwise they do not appear as options; if you have the appropriate helm, they will appear under the 'Misc' category at the forge.

Created circlets are of the same armor type as their base helmet, heavy or light, as well as being treated as part of that specific armor set.

All armored circlets can be improved at the smithing bench, with appropriate perks and materials.

The full list of supported circlets are:

* Ancient Nord (under draugr @ the skyforge)
* Blades (under steel)
* Daedric
* Dragon Priest Masks (under various categories)
* Dragonplate
* Dragonscale
* Dwarven
* Ebony
* Elven
* Falmer (under falmer)
* Forsworn (under hide)
* Fur (under hide)
* Glass
* Helm of Yngol (under draugr @ the skyforge)
* Hide
* Imperial heavy
* Imperial light
* Iron
* Leather
* Linwe's (under leather)
* Masque of Clavicus Vile (under daedric)
* Nightingale (under misc)
* Orcish
* Scaled
* Steel
* Steel Plate
* Shrouded Hood (under misc)
* Shrouded Cowl (under misc)
* Ancient Shrouded Cowl (under misc)
* Stormcloak (under hide)
* Thieves Guild (under leather)
* Thieves Guild Improved (under leather)
* Guild Master's (under leather)

* Gold, Silver, Copper, Jade, Ebony & Iron decorative circlets (under jewellery)

Known Issues:

* You cant get the benefit of the Matching Set perk for Ebony Armor, with or without my circlet mod, unless you are using my other mod, QuickFox Armor Set Fixes:

Old Updates:

Update 1.1:

* Adjusted all armored circlets to give armor equal to their respective helms (this should help followers choose to equip circlets over helms), decreased weight of all light circlets to 1 and increased weight of all heavy circlets to 4.

* Many circlets are now more closely color-coordinated with their respective armor sets.

* New circlet colors, also shown by the inventory models! Daedric & Shrouded circlets are black with rubies; Nightingale & Ebony are black with sapphires, Iron & Dragonplate are steel grey with rubies!

Update 1.2:

* Iron & Dragonplate circlets now have onyx gems instead of rubies.

Update 1.3:

* All circlets now require appropriate materials to create.

* All circlets (except the nightingale and dark brotherhood) can now be purchased from the 'Radiant Raiments' store in Solitude.

Update 2.0:

* Dozens of new circlets have been added to this compilation, including: Ancient Nord, Blades, Dragon Priest Masks, Falmer, Forsworn, Fur, Helm of Yngol, Linwe's, Masque of Clavicus Vile, Shrouded Cowl, Stormcloak, Thieves Guild variants, and decorative circlets including ebony & iron.

* All non-enchanted armored circlets may also be purchased from Beirand the blacksmith in Solitude, and 3 new kinds of decorative circlets are available for purchase from the 'Radiant Raiments' store in Solitude.