About this mod

Adds a vendor that will sell ALL weapons and armor in your game added by mods (configurable to include/exclude what you want).
Includes an ESP and a script to run in TES5Edit to dynamically create a patch for you.

Permissions and credits


Odds&Ends for Fallout 4!

I am open to suggestions on how to improve this providing they fall within the scope of my abilities!

Before saying ANYTHING else, I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to MatorTheEternal.
Not only is he responsible for the incredibly useful MXPF Framework that this mod utilises (and requires)
But he also put up with my constant barrage of stupid questions, and graciously helped me through the whole way.
As much as I'd love to take credit for this mod, It simply would not exist without him, the idea for the mod was mine, but
the coding for the script was mostly his code with some tweaks by me.


Small change to the message box text, more descriptive explanation.


Now uses a BASE.esp that is NEVER edited, and a PATCH.esp that is generated by the script. 
(This is for when mods are uninstalled causing missing master issues, now the patch.esp can just be deleted and regenerated without having to reinstall the mod)
Also adds a popup option prior to selecting plugins during patching. This lets you either regenerate the patch from scratch, or ADD items to the existing patch (SEE UPDATED SECTION OF INSTALL NOTES)
Added a filter in the script to exclude the plethora of enchanted variations of items, Any record that uses another armor record as a template
(So a Steel Sword would be added, but things like Steel Sword of Frost, Steel Sword of Soulsnare etc will be excluded)

NOTE: For users updating from V1.0, the safest thing to do is completely uninstall the previous version, and reinstall both files in the MAIN FILES section:
Odds&EndsBASE.esp hasnt actually changed but needs to have a fresh, unpatched version of it (with no items in the CONTAINER record)
The Odds&EndsSCRIPT HAS been updated, so download the 1.1 version and copy/paste it over your old one in the "TES5Edit/Edit Scripts" directory.


Like many others, I run a pretty heavy mod list. I am particularly drawn to well made armor and weapon mods.The problem was, once
you installed a bunch, it can be hard to keep track of how to acquire them.
Some mods are craftable, others are sold, others are placed in the world or given as a drop from an enemy.
The answer to this has always just been to spawn them in with console commands. But this take you out of the game and is a bit
cheatsy especially with high level stuff.
This mod aims to solve that problem.

Cool story, but what is it and what does it do?

This mod does two things.
First, it adds a new vendor to the game, a Khajit named J'saad. He is located in Ivarstead at the Vilemyr Inn, and he doesnt sell anything...
Thats the second part. In the files section will also be a script you have to download. 
NOTE: This is not an in-game papryrus script, it is a script used to create a patch so will not affect your performance AT ALL as it wont be running in game.
The script is designed to be run from TES5Edit with all yours mod active. It will then let you select which mods you would like to include, then loads all the WEAP and ARMO IDs from those mods and adds them to J'saad's vendor inventory.
Pretty cool right?

Yeah yeah, How do I make it work?

I have tried to make this mod as friendly as I could, however I am limited with my scripting knowledge. Using the MXPF framework supplied by Mator
allowed me to take shortcuts (he had already created functions that can be used within TES5Edit and saved literally hundreds of lines of code).
This means the script has to be run from within TES5Edit. As such theres a few steps involved, so to keep things as friendly as possible I have included a very detailed set of instruction below, as well as QUICK-GUIDE following it for those who are comfortable already.

(These are non-negotiable, you need them, go get them)

MXPF Framework

The video is for the fallout 4 version but the steps are the same.


This is a "Quick-Guide" for those that are comfortable with navigating around TES5Edit.
I am looking for someone who will be able to make an official installation video guide. 
I do plan to on further updating this mod based on user feedback, but the installation shouldnt change, if it
does then I will be sure to leave notes.

STEP 01: Install TES5Edit and the MXPF Framework.
STEP 02: Install the Odds&EndsBASE mod with a mod manager of your choice
STEP 03: MANUALLY INSTALL the Odds&Ends_MANUAL.INSTALL to the "Edit Scripts" folder in your TES5Edit directory

Run TES5Edit as an administrator.
On loading TES5Edit, leave the default plugins selection (all active mods selected), check to make sure Odds&EndsBASE.esp is active.
Once it is finished loading everything, Right click on any plugin in the left hand window panel and choose Apply Scripts.
Navigate to Odds&EndsSCRIPT and hit OK.

UPDATE: There is now a dialogue option to choose to generate a completely NEW patch (this clears any previously generated patches) or to ADD to your existing patch (For users who have already generated a patch and wish to add to it without having to select all the other plugins again).
CHOOSE the mods you want to be included in the patch, if you chose to ADD to an existing patch and you re-select a mod then there is a chance that duplicates may appear in the vendor inventory.

*** See the IMPORTANT NOTES section below regarding plugin selection ***
Hit OK, when the Patch has finished running the messages window will say [Apply Script Done].
You can now close TES5Edit, leave the Odds&EndsBASE.esp checked in the popup window to ensure changes are saved.


The TES5Edit script can be run at any time outside of the game and it will "recompile" the patch. Each time you run it though, you will have to make your selections again. The reason being, is that when you run it again, it will remove everything from the vendor inventory and reapply it based on your new selections. It will then clean the masters list and remove any mods that are no longer being used from its file header.

That being said, IF YOU REMOVE A MOD that this mod already has added as a master, then you will NOT be able to open it in TES5Edit, and you will NOT be able to run the game with the Odds&Ends_BASE.esp active.
This is called a missing master (most of you should know this is youve gotten this far).
I am working on providing an easier solution to this, but in the meantime, if you uninstall a mod that this mod was dependent on, the easiest thing to do is to just re-install this mod from its original state and regenerate the patch.

Any updates made to this mod will not affect your current saves as the items being sold are not being touched by this mod, it is only referencing their IDs from their original mods.

I hope everyone enjoys this mod. Comments are open so leave me your feedback, suggestions, queries or complaints, just be civil with them.

And again a big shout out to MatorTheEternal for all his help, as well as the team developing the XEdit tools for us (listed in credits).