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This mod adds three griffins to skyrim.

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Griffins now have more eagle-like head. Drops alchemy ingredients and its shout now has custom sound fx. Also fixes some bugs. 

The griffin,Griffon, or Gryphon is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.
Back when CD Project red showed their first look at The Witcher 3 gameplay, I was very impressed
with the Griffin they showed off in the video. It inspired me to make this mod.

The mod adds three griffins. A snow griffon, a dark griffin and a regular griffin. They are extremely powerful and dangerous, but they usually
don’t attack unless provoked or if you invade their territory.

Be warned, they will kill your ass if you are not high level and prepared. Their physical attacks are bad, but what you really have to look
out for is their shout. The griffin uses a high pitched screech that is beyond the range of human hearing, but the sound waves will mess you up big time if
they hit you. The griffins will usually use their shout right away.
If you manage to avoid getting hit by it, you have a chance because the shout has a long cool down time. Make sure you have lots of healing and magic potions before attacking them just in case. 

This mod doesn’t change the leveled list and doesn’t modify heavily trafficked areas so conflicts probably won’t happen.This mod was created a long time ago. Unfortunately, I no longer have Skyrim installed in my pc so I can’t update the mod.If anyone wants to use any part of my mod, just pm me and of course give me credit for my work.You also must credit Zerofrost. I used the textures from his Behemoth Feathered Dragon mod as a template for my textures, With permission.
Thank you Zerofrost.

And thank you all for downloading my mod. 


backup your save.

 drop the data folder in your skyrim folder.


remove files 


to update to 2.0 uninstal 1.0 with mod manager and then install 2.0 or install 2.0 and overwrite old files.