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Now follower can heal you and cast you a variety of support spells with an enhanced AI.

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HealmeFollower Version 1.4 from Alaebasta AS FOR 1.4 SKSE AND SKYUI NEEDED!

This mod allow the player to be healed from all vanilla followers of all DLC even if DLC are not needed. This mod will work for all followers of all mods wich correctly have put in the Currentfollowerfaction and PlayerFollowerFaction the follower(Vanilla Follower handling).

How the Healer AI works:

-Follower doesn't need to know the healing spell.

-You can activate the Healing AI anytime using "Help!" Lesser power.

-When the Player is hit follower will heal you.

-You can decide WHEN a follower should heal you with the New MCM menù. 

-You can tell to your follower to stop the healing AI to take place if you want them to be all out damage.(Ask him in the dialogue menù or use MCM menù)

-A 30 or more skill in restoration is needed by the follower to cast basic healing spells wich become more powerful with level. This prevent melee follower to be too overpowered but in any case can be done.

-A follower reached a certain level in restoration can cure disease too. Diseases will be healed ALWAYS first then health.

-The follower will heal you with the spell of the relative power depending on player health.

-Followers will consume less magicka for restoration spells by leveling up.

BIG NEWS!!! By using the favor command on your follower you can order to heal a follower companion! Just hold press E, point the companion and order to heal!

How the Alteration AI works:

-Using the Lesser Power "Protect!" will activate the AI and the follower will cast on the player a magic armor (Based on level in Alteration)
-You can change at wich % of health follower will cast protection spells on you in the MCM menù.
-You can ask to your follower to be your light bot, ask him to cast on you "Magelight" he/she will continue to cast this spell at every wore off! (Use MCM or Dialogue menù to reset this routine)

How the Illusion AI works:

-In stealth mode follower will cast on you "Muffle" and "Invisibility" (Based on level in Illusion)

-You can Deactivate this AI anytime in the Dialogue Menù or in the MCM menù
-Follower will cast you courage support illusions at a determinated % of your stamina, you can decide when in the MCM menù. NEW

This mod doesn't touch actors all is dynamically attached. No constant scripting involved. No DLC needed. Vanilla game friendly. Immersion friendly. Cleaned with TesVedit.

Install procedure:

Manual drop in the data folder the 3 files in the zip or use the Nexus mod Manager.

Load order

Should be irrelevant but last is where i used it.


Is compatible with (Insert Follower mod here)? Yes should be.
Does it modifies classes or combat styles? No. (Yes i'm a sorcerer)
Does it screw my npc packages? No actor or vanilla packages have being edited.
Does it screw my spells? Noooooooooooooooo. Stop that. :D


My genius.
Creation Kit.

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