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A stripped-down version of Morrowloot Ultimate containing only the loot and gear changes.

Permissions and credits


This is a stripped-down version of MorrowLoot Ultimate (MLU) by ChocolateNoodle.  Read his description on that page for a general understanding of what Morrowloot is all about if you are unfamiliar, then come back and read the rest of this description to see how this version differs.

This version keeps only the leveled list changes, weapon and armor stat changes, crafting requirements, and hand-placed loot and artifacts from MLU.

In the terms Choco uses on the MLU page:

What MUS -DOES-:
  • Rare is Better - high-tier weapons and armor have boosted damage and armor rating; now rare items feel deserving of their reputation

  • MorrowLoot Updated - Morrowloot in all of its de-leveled and logical loot glory, including all of ChocolateNoodle's updates and enhancements to the 4E Edition, such as leveled list fixes and crafting requirement adjustments.

  • Enemy Level Scaling: Beware Monsters - No encounter zone edits in this version

  • Slower Leveling and 125 Max Skills - No Uncapper preset in the main dowload (but see OPTIONAL FILES below)

  • Alchemy Overhaul and "Fortify Crafting" changes - No altered ingredient effects, no perks touched, no removal of fortify crafting effects, no new dragon ingredients, no Immersive Potions integration

  • By request - this version removes all the non-vanilla artifacts.  What is left is just an overhaul to vanilla loot.  Patches should all be the same for either version (see PATCHES section below).


Dawnguard & Dragonborn are required.

Skyrim -Community- Uncapper is only required if you use one of the optional Uncapper preset files (see OPTIONAL FILES below).

Since MUS is built from MLU, it also has built-in compatibility with USLEEPWeapons and Armor Fixes Remade (full version, all options), Clothing and Clutter Fixes, and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, though it does not actually require any of them as master files.

For compatibility with any other mods, see PATCHES below.


Same as MLU: download and install the main file with mod manager or manually.

Move MLU.esp and any patches near the end of your load order, just above things that demand to be dead last like Scarcity, bashed / smash patch, DynDOLOD, Warburg's Paper Map, etc.

See below for details on patches and optional files.


You DO NOT have to start a new game for MUS!  If you install on an existing save, just wait 31 days for cell recycle to make sure NPCs inventories are reset properly.


As a general rule, any mod that adds or alters armor, weapons, or leveled lists will still need a patch, but most other mods shouldn't.  I kept the plugin name the same (MLU.esp) for easier patch compatibility.

Patches to use as-is from MLU (Download and use from MLU page):

Patches I updated to use with MUS or MLU (download here):
  • MUS - Lore Weapon Expansion v1.4a - This is my update to choco's LWE patch for version 1.4a.  I adjusted the base damage for Cyrodillic Ebony Dagger to be consistent with Rare is Better, gave it a crafting recipe (same conditions as vanilla Ebony), and fixed up some leveled lists.

Patches no longer needed for MUS:


Slower Leveling and 125 Max Skills - Vanilla
Slower Leveling and 125 Max Skills - Ordinator
Slower Leveling and 125 Max Skills - SPERG
  • These are the same Uncapper presets from MLU; none are required for MUS, but nor do they conflict, so here they are as standalone downloads if you feel like it.

Nock to Tip - Rare is Better Damage Patch
  • This adjusts the gold value, base damage, and crit damage of the 80lb and 120lb upgraded versions of high-tier bows from Nock to Tip to be consistent with Rare is Better.  This patch only requires Nock2Tip.esm and Nock2Tip.esp, so it can be used with MUS, MLU, or neither.

Trainwiz - for the original Morrowloot
Nofumasa - for the 4E Edition
ChocolateNoodle - for Morrowloot Ultimate

Original Morrowloot asset credits:
-Oriphier (Hakhnawibblewobble's Fang and Skullcrusher)
-Telthalion (Fists of Randagulf)
-TheMalfazar (Eledion's Ward and Auri-El's Shield)
-Ronniemagnum for his Eledion and Scourges
-Reaper for the Vampiric Ring
-Earrindo (Sunder)
-Insanity Sorrow and StarX (Hopesfire, Goldbrand, Ice Blade of the Monarch)
-Jured (Stendarr's Hammer)
-ArmoredThirteen (Daedric Crescent)
-Grimeleven for his animated effects overhaul, http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41875/?
-urbanshiv92 for Wraithguard
For allowing me to use their models and textures for this mod.