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When updating to the latest version overwrite everything! If particles still appear, manually copy over all files and overwrite everything!

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This mod adds a full set of blue fire spells to Skyrim.   There is also a Spell Retexture Tutorial in the downloads section!

a standalone set of re-textured fire (and atronach) spells. The new spells are (almost) functionally identical to Skyrim's vanilla fire destruction magic, except that they do frost (or fire) damage and are blue. The new spells have been added to the destruction tome leveled lists for vendors (not to loot pools), so they can be purchased from court wizards or from Faralda (expert and master spells are only sold by Faralda). The mod also adds standalone blue retextured atronachs for conjuration. The conjuration spells are also added to leveled lists for vendors, but master spells can only be bought from Phinis Gestor. The spells are affected by the Intense Flames (fear) perk.

  1. The spells all ignore resistance, making them stronger than normal fire spells
  2. The spells from each esp do fire or frost damage. You can have both esps active at once, and gain access to two versions of each spell

Did I mention they are blue?

If its a spell, and it has fire, there's now a blue version for it.

Added Spells:

  1. Sapphire Flames (counterpart of Flames)
  2. Blue Firebolt
  3. Blue Fire Rune
  4. Blue Flame Cloak
  5. Blue Fireball
  6. Blue Wall of Flames
  7. Azure Flare/Glacial Flare (counterparts for Incinerate, name depends on esp used)
  8. Blue Purgatory (expert level concentration blue dragonbreath attack spell)
  9. Blue Fire Storm
  10. Sapphire Inferno (master level Incinerate with a small explosion, dual casting quadruples radius)

  1. Conjure Blue Flame Atronach/Frost-Flame Atronach (name dependant on esp, also has potent variants)
  2. Azure Flame Thrall/Glacial Flame Thrall (also with potent variants, again naming depends on which esp the spell is from)


As of version 1.1 there are 2 esps - the Fire one causes all spells to deal fire damage, whilst the frost one is the same as before.
All spells now ignore resistances (across both esps).

Version 1.2 adds two new spells - one is a master level fire-ball like spell, and the other is a blue dragon-fire concentration spell

As of Version 1.2.5, the expert level spell in the Frost esp is now called Glacial Flare, as opposed to Azure Flare in the Fire esp

Version 1.3 blue flame atronachs (AND thralls) have been added!


Should be NMM compatible
Manual: extract and copy files into Skyrim\data


This mod edits leveled lists, so use of a bashed patch is recommended or this mod will overwrite spell vendor inventories.
You can use this with HD flame texture replacers, as this mod does not use custom flame textures.

This mod is compatible with:
  1. Ordinator
  2. Path of Sorcery

 -it uses vanilla perk magic effects, so unless your overhaul replaces (not changes) all these effects with new ones, it should be compatible!

*Mods in screenshot: Tetrachromatic ENB and Ultimate HD fire effects