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Nock to Tip desperately needed a fix, as it was stuffed with errors and inconsistencies.

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Nock to Tip desperately needed a fix, as it was stuffed with errors and inconsistencies. 

Most fletching supplies have their weight reduced, to prevent the inventory from filling up. Silver arrows have been added and like silver bolts, their special effect has been added (yes, they did not do extra damage against undead). Dark and Mirkwood arrows have been added to the leveled lists, but you need to be a high level to come across them.

The mirkwood and dark arrows are now being sold from level 35 and up. They weren't even obtainable in the main file.
The Monarch Longbow has been removed from the area near riverwood. The mod placed a very eye-catching aspen tree there and rewarded the player with the strongest bow in the game. A bow can still be obtained there, but it's not the Monarch bow case; instead it is the Sage Bow case, the weakest Bryte'ned bow, which is still as strong as an ebony bow. 
The arrowheads have been divided in four categories: glass and elven weigh 0.4 units a sack, steel, silver and ancient nordic weigh 0.5 a sack, orcish and dwarven weigh 0.6 a sack and daedric and ebony weigh 0.7 a sack.
Arrow shafts for both bolts and arrows still weigh 1 unit. Fletching feathers weigh 0.1 units, as feathers are very light. Nocks and bolt nocks weigh 0.8. The 80lb and 120lb strings weigh 1 unit instead of 0.1, to prevent hauling them around forever until you can upgrade.