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This is a major exploration mod, that adds lots of new dungeons, npcs, and adventure, as you search for a mythical tree, and it's riches.

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"The Azure Tree" major exploration mod will take you all over Tamriel, introducing you to new people, places, dungeons, Lore, and more. Presenting piles of loot, as you search for the mythical tree and its riches, with this mod adding hours of exploration and action.

5+ Dungeons
New Locations
New Content
Lots of loot
5-7 Hours of Exploration
One Mod...

Will you be the first to discover the tree? Will you find the truth? Will you die trying?
Only one way to find out....



I've always had a love for the Elder scrolls, and have been an avid player of the franchise for over 1000 hours, but I eventually wanted to bring my own story line into the almost endless expansive world of the PC modding community, 

This Mod came into development around two years ago, when me and my friends started bouncing ideas off each other, and with some lore research, and a few 400 hours in the creation kit later, here I stand.

I am only a novice in programming, game design, and even modding for that matter, and this mod is a display of my mere skills, before I enter college.
And as I am a human and not perfect, there is no guarantee that this mod will be either, but I have tried my hardest to bring you,  Yes! You! the 100% best modding experience I possibly can.

Beginning the Mod:
"Your objective, is to locate 6 keys, that will open locked doors that will grant you access to the Azure Caves, as you pick up where Gerrit Tallbayne, renowned imperial scholar, and head researcher in The Azure Tree, has left off. Leaving you his field guide, you must delve into deep dungeons and perilous situations, and retrieve the Azure keys.

But you are not the only one who has heard the tall tales of Azure wealth, as you will also face bandits and rival adventurers, not to mention the dangers of what lurk below where humans fear to tread."

*If at any point you get lost, or stuck, and wonder where to go next, refer to the walk-through for help.*

To Begin the mod, Investigate the Tallbayne residence, outside of Riften.

 This is the case, because this was supposed to be a major questline mod which introduced you to new npcs and companions, but due to Creation Kit errors, I have salvaged the mod and repackaged it into this, instead of not releasing it at all, as I planned.
  So I hope you understand that there cannot be someone to hold your hand the whole time.


Unpack and place the .esp file in your Skyrim Data folder:

Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data
*The (x86) may vary depending on your system*

*If you run into problems using your mod organizer, I recommend trying manual installation*

Read the Readme, and keep the walkthrough handy, as it will serve as your quest log for this mod

This mod was designed for Vanilla  Skyrim, it should work with other mods, and DLCs, I myself have tested this mod numerous times with 100+ mods running. BUT since everyone's mod setup and computer setup are different there are no guarantees that this mod will be 100% compatible with your system and mod configuration.

And I cannot, and will not act as a system diagnostic for you, if you post in the discussions asking about something besides my mod, you comment will be deleted. 
your mod set up, your computer, your problem.

If you find any incompatibilities with any mods or bugs, you can post in the discussions and I will try to resolve it.


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