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Change the maximum amount of arrows and that you can stick into people. You can also change the time until arrows despawn and the chances of retrieving your arrows. Comes with a handy MCM menu.

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Update 1.1:
You can now set the rate at which you can retrieve arrows from bodies! Pick the "Arrow Retrieval" version of the mod for this functionality. Unfortunately I needed to touch the Hunter's Discipline archery perk for this to work. (I disabled only the perk's function, you still have the perk itself. My mod now does what the perk used to do. Uninstalling should reverse this change.) For people who don't like this change, there is also a version that does not touch the perk but does also not allow changing the arrow retrieval rate.


Are you disappointed that you can only put a maximum of three arrows into your enemies? With this mod you can put up to 50 arrows in one body
and have them last up to several minutes. This also works for the player character, so you can have more than three arrows stuck on you at the same time for a longer period of time.

Turn Nazeem into a pin chushion today!

-SkyUI 5.1
-Skyrim 1.6+

-Make sure you have the latest version of SKSE and SkyUI (and Skyrim ofc).
-Install the mod with NMM
-Wait for MCM to register the new menu
-Configure the mod using its MCM menu