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Find a hidden cave, clean it out, and make it your home!

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Between Whiterun and Dawnstar lies a boarded-up cave, long since abandoned.
Will you transform it into a home of your own? 

V 2.0 Released! 

Version 2.0 is a significant update that has taken weeks to complete.  As such, you NEED to start with a fresh save. The changes are so numerous that it's functionally a different home. 

"Hideaway" has the following features: 

- Build your home from scratch using simple Hearthfire-ingredients. 

- The vast majority of rugs, scarves, fur-details and other decorative elements have 5 different versions that  you can change independently however you wish. 

-  A music box with 10 moody instrumental tracks.

- 3 sleeping spots. One master-bed, a bedroll you can roll out and put away as needed, and a modular "stone-sofa" that can transform from seating furniture to an improvised bed at will. 

- All blacksmithing stations are represented in a very compact, custom fashion (smelter included).

-  A Treasure Display for many of your artifacts. 

- Pick which two deities you want represented as a shrine out of a pool of 10. 

- An indoor garden with room for 4 hearthfire-plants. 

- Wardrobe automatically adjust its appearance based on your gender.


The Treasure Display can hold the following items: 

All Dragonmasks
Dragonpriest Dagger
Dawnguard Rune Axe
Azura's Star/The Black Star
Auriel's Bow
Staff of Magnus
Sanguine Rose
Kyne's Token 
Savos Aren's Amulet
Diadem of the Savant
Necromancer Amulet
Bloodskal Blade
Auriels Shield 
Shield of Solitude
Targe of the Blooded
Dawnguard Rune Shield
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
Helm of Yngol 


The building-stations will appear after you do the initial cleaning. It is therefor a good suggestion to have a save point just before this (and preferably before initially entering the cave, just to be sure). Each station will remove itself once it is done, so the finished home will look neat and tidy. 

If you hate building homes there is a CHEAT CHEST just beyond the garden. Hit "tcl" in console, walk through the wall and you will find a Chest O' Plenty that has all the required materials.

NOTE: Be careful with building several stations within seconds of each other. More so if you have mods that depend on time, like Ineed and Frostfall. Each station takes 2-6 hours, so rushing it may end up in a crash. Give it a good 20-30 seconds each time :)



Clockwork - Vinsvept
Moonless Night - Vindsvept
Pippin the hunchback - Kevin Macleod
Suonatore di Liuto - Kevin MacLeod
Teller of Tales - Kevin Macleod
Vinsvept - The Oracle's Prophecy
Vindsvept - Distant
Faal-feykro - Organic View on Nexus (captain creepy)
Fen-Kos-Drem - Organic View on Nexus (captain creepy)
Stonwall District - NirShor -


FranklinZunge - wardrobe outfits
Natterforme - scarf models
Oaristys - many vanilla meshes and witcher resources
Ghosu - Horker resource 
Gamwich - hay texture
Insanity - pillow and bed meshes 
Stroti  - tool meshes and oil lamps
Elianora - Fur chair model 
Blary - open book and paper resource
Chesko - Wandering stick static
Lilith - basket models
Lolicept -static building pieces
Tamira - Cottage model and stool model
BrettM - jars and notes


Darkfox127 - For Display Mesh and youtube tutorial on how to make the treasure wall script
Hoamaii - music box script