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Allows the player to give food to beggars instead of just gold coins.

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Short Description:
This is a simple mod that allows the player to give food items to beggars, instead of just gold coins.

If you download one of the DLC versions, you can also give food to Sofie (orphan girl who sells flowers in Windhelm) as well.

Only have ONE main file in your load order at a time.

More Detailed Description:
This just adds an additional dialogue option to select for any beggar, if you have at least one give-able food item. Once chosen, you be shown a gift menu (meaning, a menu where you can only give items) where you can give as many food items as you wish. If you give the beggar at least one item of food, you'll be given the Gift of Charity and the beggar will now be your friend if he/she was not before. If you exit the menu without giving any food items, you will not receive the Gift of Charity, and the relationship rank the beggar has towards you will not change.


Required for the All DLC Versions:
- Skyrim.esm
- Update.esm
- Dawnguard.esm
- Hearthfires.esm
- Dragonborn.esm

Required for the No DLC Version:
- Skyrim.esm
- Update.esm

This is compatible with everything. No original game records were altered.

Q & A

Question: Does this replace the gold coin option?
Answer: No. You can still give gold coins if you want to. This just adds an additional option to give food.

Question: I'm talking to a beggar but I'm not getting the dialogue option to give him/her food, why?
Answer: Make sure you have at least one food item to give the beggar. The dialogue option won't show up if you don't have any food.

Question: Will this option still appear for followers, spouses, or adopted children?
Answer: No. The only exception is if you are using the no DLC version with Hearthfires, then any adopted children who meet the criteria will still have the dialogue option.

Question: Why are the dialogue responses voiced in English when my Skyrim uses a different language?
Answer: This is because I edited the original response into two separate ones using the audio files that came with my version of Skyrim. See the Localisation/Translation section further down for more information.

Question: Why do some beggars not give voiced responses?
Answer: That's because only beggar voice types from vanilla Skyrim have been given voiced dialogue responses. These are: FemaleChild, FemaleCoward, MaleCommonerAccented, MaleCoward, MaleDrunk, and MaleEvenToned.

Question: Does giving food give me the Gift of Charity effect?
Answer: Yes. If you give the beggar at least one item of food, you'll be given the Gift of Charity.

Question: Can I give food items from other mods?
Answer: Yes. But, this will only work if you're using either of the main files without the custom food list. Also, food items from other mods must have the VendorItemFood and/or VendorItemFoodRaw keyword(s) to count as applicable food items.

Dialogue responses and text displayed, will be in English. If you would like to make a translation, you are free to do so and upload it anywhere as long as you follow the permissions in the permission tab at the top of the page. I do not wish to host any translations on this page, so please upload them as their own file.

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