About this mod

An on going process to improve meshes with more polys and UV edits.

Permissions and credits
SSE Version

This mod enhances the meshes of various objects throughout Skyrim, it was something i always wanted to do since i first saw SMIM. I recently started using Cinema 4D for completely different reasons and that old desire came back and since i didn't felt anyone did what i wanted to do.... voila! you get this.


- Compatible with all texture mods.

- Compatible and highly recommended.

Skyrim Particle Patch
No snow under the roof

- Make sure you overwrite all meshes with mien.


- You might find polygon holes in some of the objects, report them so i can close them.

- If there is a mod out there that conflicts with this and i don't know about it let me know.

- The poly count (in some meshes) is high for Skyrim standards, so you may get slow downs and fps drops in some areas although not likely (none reported yet).


Why is the poly count so high?
Because it's the easiest way to make the objects smooth.

What is the performance hit?
Depends on your pc, for me it's non existent and my pc sucks.

Your meshes are terrible!
They are better than vanilla and that's all i wanted.

You are wasting resources, there are better ways to do this.
The performance hit of this mod is not noticeable and yes I know there are better ways to smooth the objects, feel free to make your own mod.

-Change Log-