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Buffs your Carry Weight, with magnitude depending on your followers' free inventory space.

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Ever got the feeling that after a certain amount of time spent with a character, you have so much stuff that you seem to spend most of your time shuffling items between yours and your pack mules' followers' inventories instead of actually playing?

Then this mod is for you. It let's you skip the middle-man and make use of your followers carry weight directly.

Every 30 seconds (configurable), the mod searches for active followers and hirelings in a 512ft radius (configurable) around the player.
It sums all their carry weight capacities, minus their current inventory weights, and adds the total as a buff to your own carry weight.
Alternatively, you can also set the scanning method to manual mode, which will give ou a lesser power that let's you scan whenever you see fit.

This has been tested with up to 20 followers in a fairly script intensive environment, so unless you go completely mad with mods, you should not have problems.


Configure the update timer, scan spell timeout, scan spell area and debug output.

Shared Burdens Buff Ability:
Buffs your Carry Weight, with magnitude depending on your followers' free inventory space.

Shared Burdens Manual Scan Spell:
Let's you scan for followers whenever you see fit.

Shared Burdens Faction Spell:
Some custom followers do not use the default factions, making them impossible to detect without additional dependencies.
This spell is provided as an easy mean to mark these followers as such.
It is not recommended to mark anyone other than active followers.
It is not possible to mark NPCs that are not unique or that are already in the current follower/hireling faction.

SKSE 1.7.3 or later

Written by DaJay42, nexusmods.com, 2016.
Software provided as-is, with no warranty.
For personal use only.
Re-uploads, uploads to other sites or uploads of derivative works are allowed only after advance written permission by the author, or failure of the author to respond within an month of a written request for such permission.