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- SIMPLY replaces the Combat Music tracks with silent versions, eliminating them from the game without scripts, or any other edits to your game.

- Optional version also removes Boss fight music.

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This mod SIMPLY replaces the Combat Music tracks with silent tracks, effectively silencing them without using scripts or any other edits to your game.

The result will either be like in Vanilla, IE either the standard exploration music keeps playing for a while, or it goes silent. Afterwards, also like in Vanilla, exploration music may resume immediately, or take a while to start again.

There have been other mods removing Combat Music before this one, but they've done it by removing the scripts that trigger Combat Music, or adds and removes keywords to stop or start normal Combat or Boss Music, which are things that can lead to wierd behavior and incompatibilities. There were reports in comments on some of those mods that music would never start again, never ending Boss music and other issues. Another thing is some of them also remove the special Combat Music for Dragon fights, which I want to keep.

Two versions offered: Either keep or remove the Boss music that triggers when you fight certain enemies, like Dragons.

VIDEO: Keep Boss Music version

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