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Caranthir Tower Reborn is a wizard’s tower which is hidden up in the mountains of the Winterhold region of Skyrim. Many centuries ago, a high elf named Lucan Caranthir decided to seek the help of some of the greatest minds of Tamriel to create his legacy. Shortly before his death, he hid the tower from others until such day as a powerful mage could uncover its secrets and restore it.

CTR includes a number of great features for mage characters such as spell tome creation, the conjuration of powerful beings, recharging of weapons and much more. You’ll also find most of the features that players have come to expect from player homes like auto-sort, unique item displays, mass storage and again, much more.

The most highlighted feature of the tower however is the ability to restore it by building the structure back up and creating furniture and other items for the tower. The process is similar to the build your own home style system you can find in Hearthfire and my other mods that I have created. Caranthir Tower Reborn includes the latest version of my crafting system and is the most advanced that I have made to date.

For those who don’t like the idea of having to craft their tower, do not worry as there is a way that you can restore the tower without having to be the best blacksmith in the land.

CTR is much more than a player home however; it’s a huge undertaking for your main character which will take a fair bit of time to master. The tower is filled with secrets, back story and other things to keep you coming back for more.

Unfortunately I will not be able to feature everyone's video here on the mod page otherwise it will get far too cluttered so I tend to show ones from my favourite YouTubers only. If you do create a nice spotlight for my mod and would like to share it with me or anyone else, feel free to send it me via my website's contact form. I will consider adding it to the videos list of the mod page and may post it across my social media for more people to see.

This mod comes with a great amount of unique features which make this mod so much more than just a player home. I will attempt to list as many of the main features so that you have an idea of what this mod has to offer.

Animations || Auto-Close Doors || Auto-Sort || Auto-Loot Crafting || Crafting System || Conjuration Altar || Customisation || Custom MCM || Dragon Riding || Dynamic Interiors || Dynamic NPCs || Immersive Storage || Member Recruitment || Portal Travel || Realistic Bookshelves || Realistic Construction || Scroll Creation || Spell Creation || Unique Storage

I have started a series of guide videos over on my YouTube Channel which will help guide you through finding hidden items and other secrets throughout the tower. You can check it out in the spoiler section below.



Due to the use of many of the assets made available by the official DLCs of Skyrim, you are required to own all of the additional content for Skyrim which includes Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. It’s also strongly recommended that you have the latest version of the game installed.

The other two major components you’re going to need are SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) and SkyUI. These are needed to run the mod configuration menu and to allow for some features to work correctly. If you do not install these correctly, I cannot guarantee the mod will run as intended or that you will have the full functionality of the mod available to you.

This mod can be run without SkyUI by installing SkyUI-Away and following the instructions on the mod page. If you are uncertain on how to achieve this or require further assistance, I strongly recommend that you check out Gopher's Video.

If you are worried about compatibility with another mod or you’re unsure about how this mod might affect your game, please refer to the Compatibility & Patches section on this mod patch.

Caranthir Tower Reborn comes packed in BSA format, with the exception of a few files which are required to be loose for them to work correctly. All of my mods are also compressed into zip files using 7zip.

Those of you using Nexus Mod Manager can simply download with manager and make sure that mod is then activated. Instructions can be found over on the Nexus Wiki.

Using Mod Organizer like myself is also a fairly simple process. As long as you have Nexus Mod Manager associated with your Mod Organizer software and you are singed in, you should also be able to just use the “Download with Manager” button on the Nexus. My mod is packed with MO in mind so there should be no need to check the data directory but it’s always good practice to do so regardless.

After installing the mod with the mod manager of your choosing, you should run LOOT to sort this mod in your load order and any plug-ins you might have downloaded. Do make sure that any official plug-ins for this mod are loaded after the main esp.

If you are adamant on installing this mod manually, I strongly recommend that you do not unpack the BSA or merge this mod with any others unless you know what you are doing. Keep everything packed in the BSA and drag and drop all of the files as they come in the zip file into your Skyrim Data folder. Make sure the esp and any required plug-in esp files are active and run your game.

That should be all you need to know for installing the mod and as long as you followed the steps correctly you should be ready to play.

To update Caranthir Tower Reborn, download the latest main file if you don't already have it. Then you need to install any update files to that specific version. For example, if you're running version 2.0 then you need to download and install 2.1 over the top of those main files using the mod manager of your choose.

Mod Organizer users need to make sure they merge the files and Nexus Mod Manager users must be sure to overwrite when prompted. Any other mod managers should be close to the same sort of system.

You can distinguish a main version from an update from both the name and the file size. Main files are around 200MB+ in size, and the update files will be far smaller.

Sometimes a clean install is a good option which involves you removing the mod entirely from your system and then re-installing the latest main file and adding update files on top as mentioned above.

Updating mods can be a bit of a pain for mod authors as well as users. Sometimes certain changes you make to your mod may not take effect on existing saves and I'm not aware of a way around this. To that end a fresh character will work best with the latest version of the mod. I try my best to make sure as much as possible plays nice with existing saves, but it's not always possible.

Be sure to check the changelogs of CTR over on my website which clearly lays out what you can expect from the latest version of the mod and which elements of an update may not work with save games.

As is standard practice with mods, any mods which edit the same cell space are going to have potential conflicts, so be sure not install any mods in the same area as Caranthir Tower. If you do have another mod which conflicts and you want to use them both, you can check the patches page and see if there’s anything there that can help.

There are already some patches already built into the mod which will detect whether or not you have that mod installed and make the necessary changes. One example is the music section in the MCM which already supports Additional Music Project & Symphonies of Skyrim.

When you discover the tower, the “Houses Owned” statistic in the game menu will be increased by one which makes the mod compatible with mods like Simple Taxes.

On release of the mod there will be a number of compatibility patches available for various other mods like Unique Uniques and various other mods, however I do not plan on making too many patches myself.

This mod will have a sister page for hosting patches for Caranthir Tower Reborn called the CTR Patches Page as was briefly mentioned above. This is where you can find the latest patches for Caranthir Tower and also request to have your own patches uploaded to.

This makes it far easier for people to find patches for the mod and allows the community to pitch in with making CTR work with other mods.

This mod took almost three years to develop and I have poured a lot of time and effort into the project. Given how large the mod is in complexity, it's very difficult to test for every single issue that a player might come across, even with the use of beta testers. The mod has been tested on various systems by multiple people who have each come back with bug reports and I have done my best to eradicate many of the issues as I can. With all of that said, you are bound to come across bugs and incompatibilities here and there as it's just the nature of modding.

If you do come across any major bugs you can report them to me using my website's contact form. Alternatively you can post them in the bugs section of this mod page if it's something more minor and I will try my best to look into each report. If a bug report you make gets removed or flagged as not an issue then it is most likely a compatibility issue or something else that is causing it. Another reason your report might get removed is if it's already been stated somewhere before or has no relevance.

I would also appreciate it if people do not leave bug reports in the comments section of this mod and leave only constructive feedback there. Let me know your thoughts on the mod and anything you might like to see in the future.

Under no circumstances do I give permission for anyone to upload this mod or any of its files to another site other than the Skyrim Nexus without my permission first. Contact with me must be done through my website's contact form.

PATCHES: I have created a separate mod page for any minor bug fixes, patches and other such additions to the mod so that it keeps the file section of this mod clean, tidy and easy to understand.

TRANSLATIONS: Given the size of Caranthir Tower and the amount of scripting involved with the mod, I would not trust anyone to create a manual translation. Automated translations are also unreliable and I have no way of testing them out and knowing if they are correct. To that end, I will not be allowing any translations of the mod.

NOTICE: Anyone who is unable to follow these instructions will simply not receive a response and their message will be deleted. I will also not hesitate to report anyone who cannot respect my wishes in regards to the permissions for this mod.

First and foremost, I have to thank simsim899 who I would never have finished this mod without.
She’s helped make the mod what it is today with her amazing mesh work, scripting assistance,
bug testing, general support and much more. She really is a treasure to the modding
community and personifies what this modding community is all about. Go and give
her some kind words and digital hugs.
Before I continue with the credits here I want to state that keeping track of the
files for this mod and resources used has been a very difficult task. To that
end, if I appear to have left anyone out for whatever reason, please get in
touch and let me know so that I can rectify the problem.
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