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An edited version of mapmarkerart.swf from SkyUI 5.1 than only adds color to the quest, player location, and discovered capital map markers

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I wanted a way to make quest markers stand out on the map, but could only find mods that colored all the markers, which I didn't personally care for. After not finding what I was looking for I decided to figure out how to do it myself, and am sharing at the request of posters on reddit.

Description - 1.0:
This is simply an edited mapmarkerart.swf that has the following changes:
- quest and player position markers are colored aqua (R:0, B:255, G:255)
- discovered five major capital markers are colored pale yellow (R:240, B:240, G:100)
- discovered four smaller capital markers are colored paler yellow (R:240, B:240, G:200)

Description - 1.1: 
Makes the following changes to 1.0:
- discovered four smaller capital markers are slightly brighter yellow than 1.0 (R:240, B:240, G:150)
- discovered generic town markers are paler yellow (R:240, B:240, G:200)

There are images for both versions, so you can decide which you prefer before downloading.  Keep in mind when viewing the images that I have several town-adding mods, so you most likely won't have as many of the generic town markers as I do in my images. Update: Since the others had a lot of extra locations, I added two new images comparing 1.0 and 1.1 using only vanilla locations.

Note that using either of the download buttons up top will download the 1.1 version. If you wish to download the 1.0 version instead, please go into the Files section.

You must have SkyUI 5.1 for this to work. Let this mod overwrite it.

Compatibility (I use all these):
 - A Quality World Map - completely compatible
 - Atlas Map Markers - the added markers are fine,but the included map.swf is incompatible with this mod
 - SIM - Skyrim Interface Makeover - completely compatible,including the map.swf

And a big thank you for the kind comments here and on reddit, I'm glad others are enjoying this.