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Covers Entrances to Dark Brotherhood Sanctuaries, Twilight Sepulcher, and Nightingale Hall with natural features such as foliage and cliffs.

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Version 2.0 - Now includes Twilight Sepulcher and Nightingale Hall!

Version 2.1 - Now includes Riften Thieves' Guild entrance!


I found it annoying that the headquarters of a notorious band of assassins, the portal to a Plane of Oblivion, and the home of a Daedra-worshipping super secret thieving society all had pretty, well beaten paths leading to completely unobscured entrances (except for the Nightingale Hall, which at least initially is covered by rocks). This mod changes that by covering up most much of the paths to give them a wilder, unkempt appearance - as if the only ones walking them are animals and a few select stealthy individuals who appreciate seclusion and the cover of foliage.

Wild animals have been added to the various entrances to give ambience since most of them are (now) located in wild, overgrown areas. These creatures are all NON-RESPAWNING to save you the displeasure of getting mauled every time you travel to the entrances.


What was once an open beach at the northern tip outside of Dawnstar has been blocked off by cliffs expanding into the sea, making it accesible only to intrepid explorers and local wildlife. Snow Bears are in fact great swimmers and fishers, but the amount of fish outisde the Dawnstar Sanctuary is almost suspicious.

The Secret Entrance behind the Khajiit traders has also been covered up by shrubberies.


The forest surrounding the clearing is much thicker so it isn't very visible from the main road which passes close by. Those familiar with the Dark Brotherhood will find signs along the road indiciating it's presence however. The path leading to the Black Door is covered up by a with a wealth of shrubberies, and curiously, someone has been leaving stacks of Sweetrolls out which attract bees, whose honey in turn attracts bears...


Home of Ebonmere, the portal to Evergloam, Nocturnal's plane of Oblivion, used to have  a wide open and nice clear path leading straight to it. Now it's completely covered by foliage and a big rock with strange markings blocking much of it off and a pack of Wolves roaming around.


The in-game book "Nightingales - Fact or Fiction?" mentions the path to the Nightingale stone outside the entrance, which is hidden behind rocks until you complete the appropriate mission. Therefore, I'm letting the path be relatively clear, but adding more trees and shrubberies to the small clearing, and especially hiding the entrance so it's still obscured when the rocks are removed.

Word of warning: A Giant Troll - possibly the biggest you've seen - has made his home in the clearing. But a Thief worthy of becoming a Nightingale shouldn't have any problems bypassing him...


- The mod was made with compatibility and simplicity in mind.

- Falkreath: Most of my changes adds things which have no clipping, such as shrubberies. Therefore, they should not affect NPC pathing or flora overhaul mods. I use this myself with Simply Bigger Trees and it works great, and I DEFINITELY recommend it, link below!

- Dawnstar: Only affects the exterior, so compatible with for example Dark Brotherhood Reborn. There doesn't seem to be any NPC:s who travel along the beach I have blocked off with cliffs. Followers will have to swim around, but seem to have no problem doing so. Navmeshes have been blocked off to prevent wierd stuff like NPC:s getting stuck at or under the cliffs.

- Twilight Sepulchre: Not a very trafficked place at all. Entrance blocked off, main clearing left untouched.

- Nightingale Hall: Not very trafficked. Trees mostly on the edges of mountains where no NPC:s walked anyways.

- Please use the BUGS section to report any incompatibilities, inconsistencies or other problems.


- Dahveed for giving me the idea to cover entrances from the Thieves Guild storyline as well, check out his mod covering The Nightingale Hall here. It is obviously not compatible with my Full Version, but it is with the Dark Brotherhood Only version.

- AndrealphusVIII for adding collision blockers to Dawnstar.


- Skyrim Bigger Trees <-- Especially recommended for more covering foliage in wooded areas!

- True Vision ENB

- Expanded Towns and Cities

- Climates of Tamriel

- Realistic Water 2


- Word Wall Translations

- SIMPLE Combat Music Remover