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A collection of 70+ gameplay tweaks. Some changes include killable children (in accordance with the lastest USKP legendary edition patch), more realistic movement speeds and bigger dragons.

Permissions and credits

This is a set of tweaks that i use in my game. Some of them were made because i had plenty of small mods that only changed a few settings each. So i decided to make a single mod containing all of them.

Summary of Tweaks
    - Children are killable (1.1)
    - Plenty of creatures are bigger in size (1.1)
    - More realistic movement speeds (1.1)
    - Improved DLC bosses (1.2)(1.3)(1.5)(1.6b)
    - Civil War Field Commanders can be killed (1.2)
    - Most items were re-weighted (1.2)
    - Arrows/Bolts are 50% faster and deal 50% more damage (1.3)
    - Imperial Soldiers/Guards have varied races (Argonians/Khajiits/etc) (1.4)
    - Added the weapon impact effect tweak (1.4)   
    - Many NPCs were given improved stats, equipment and perks   
    - Added Utility items like rings of Candlelight (1.5)   
    - Made several changes to Unique Items (e.g. many daedric artefacts have infinite enchantments)(1.5)   
    - Brand-Shei, Revyn Sadri and the New Gnisis Cornerclub sell Dragonborn Morrowind items (1.5)
    - Many items/spells were renamed in a manner similar to a sorting mod (1.5)(1.6b)
    - Farmers sell produce (1.6b)
    - Miners sell ore/ingots (mine specific) (1.6b)
    - Vendors sell torches (1.6b)
    - Children can be pickpocketed (1.6b)
    - Animals don't drop gold/gems/etc (1.6b)
    - Tweaks to game settings that nerf enemies stats (so no more mages with infinite magicka nor bandits with infinite stamina) (1.6b)
    - Hold specific bounty system (1.6b)
    - Blacksmiths don't sell enchanted items, but court wizards do (1.6b)
    - Need to do 5x less jobs for the TG before all trophies get unlocked (1.6b)
    - Many unique item changes
    - Implemented Unique Region Names (1.8a)
    - Thrall Control System (1.8a).  See here for more details.
    - Complete Overhaul of Shouts (1.8a)
    - Bandit Loadout Tweaks (1.8a)
    - Many generic NPCs now can carry and will use potions in combat (1.8a)
    - Guards will keep their armor when a Hold is conquered in the Civil War instead of being replaced by soldiers (1.8a)
    - Player can dismiss Hearthfire Stewards through dialogue (1.8a)
    - Many changes to creature stats and faction relations (1.8a)
    - Summonable Furniture Items (beds/anvils/etc)(1.8b)

    Bugfix list
    - Dragon LOD fix (1.1)
    - Esbern voice fix (1.1)
    - Fixed Blades, Dawnbreaker, Dwarven and Nightingale swords not having a sheath when equipped by NPCs (1.3)
    - Lava imagespace fix (1.5)
    - Potema CTD fix (1.5)
    - Rayya fix (1.5)
    - Vampire Lord Drain + Serana fix (1.5)
    - Fire Wyrm fix (1.5)
    - Water breathing breathless emerge fix (1.5)
    - Fixed the Throw Voice Bug (1.5)
    - Dead body collision fix (1.6b)
    - Added Black Book fix (1.6b)
    - Bone Hawk fix (1.8a)
    - Fixed Bounty Collector bug (Hopefully) (1.8a)
    (see changelog below for more details and minor tweaks)



(Links in the version number in blue)
[v1.8b] - 2016-08-26
[v1.8a] - 2016-08-19
[v1.7b] - 2016-07-25
[v1.7a] - 2016-07-24
[v1.6b] - 2016-07-19
[v1.5] - 2016-07-02
[v1.4] - 2016-06-19
[v1.3] - 2016-06-09
[v1.2] - 2016-06-08
[v1.1] - 2016-06-07 (Initial release)


If you're using immersive armors the summonable Dremora lord will still have the oblivion armor without helmet. (It seems that immersive armors uses some sort of script to apply the armor to summoned dremora. I tested this by making 3 different dremora NPCs and 3 spells to summon them. All were summoned with the oblivion armor).

If you use SkyTweak, but want to use this mod because of the other features, don't worry. Your SkyTweak settings will override the ones in this mod.

When using a item with the Clairvoyance enchantment, DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT save your game. Unequip the item first, wait for the visual trail effect to wear off and then save. Otherwise the Clairvoyance trail effect will be stuck at the exact place it was when you saved the game. I still didn't find a fix for this (probably a bug with the engine itself). This also includes autosaves from fast traveling, waiting and resting.

  • Dawguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn
  • USLEEP (3.0.3 and up)

Please report any bugs that you find in this.
I'm also welcome suggestions (especially about the items section). Do you have a small script free mod that is taking space in your loadorder? Or something that annoys you in the game but can be fixed in the CK? Or you don't like some of the tweaks? Leave a comment. Maybe i can implement it here.


Spanish - By MoRZiLLo

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