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Critters are little animals which make your Skyrim to a living habitat. Moths, dragonflies, fireflies, bees and fishes need good working papyrus script files to spawn the critter objects, moving the critters around and cleaning up all critters without trouble. Since v5.5 my script improvements are very stabile and the result of two years papyrus learning, almost trial and error.  main sources:


  [critterSpawn / critterSpawn01]   activator placed in the world to spawn critters
               [critter]  as parent script
         |                    |                         |                |
  [critterFish]  [critterDragonFly]  [critterMoth]  [FireFly]   are child scripts
                              [DLC1CritterFollowSCRIPT]   is a grand child script (in my version)

 Content (10 scripts) as replacement for vanilla scripts
  It should work for every Skyrim version, also Skyrim SE


 Copy all 10 scripts into the folder "scripts" of your Skyrim installation. You don't have to start a new game.
 If you run my scripts for the first time on existing savegame (best way so far), use fast travel to unload/remove
 older script instances as fast as possible. If you get in trouble caused by the scripts, let me know.

 Go inside a house and wait here for 10 seconds. After that make a new savegame, leave the game and remove all 10 scripts.
 Next time you run Skyrim use this savepoint to continue with your gameplay.

Papyrus - good to know:

  1. Persistence - avoid long-running functions and minimize the using of properties like actor, objectReference

  2. Threading - "If two objects want to operate on a third object, a race ensues. Which is killed by synchronization, allowing awesomeness to continue."

  3. States - "name of the state to enter is not case-sensitive. If you want to go to the 'empty state', simply use" gotoState("").
      But be careful by comparing of state names with strings.

  4. Performance - "Unlike most other languages, Papyrus has some special architectural choices that make performance sometimes non-intuitive."
      Keep in mind next was written for the game 'FallOut 4', which is a bit different to Skyrim papyrus scripting.

  5.  Complexity - Joel Burgess wrote: "We wanted a complex scripted system, .. to culturally show the studio what wonderful things were possible.."

  6. 16bit string count limit -  Skyrims save file format may responsible for savegames to become unloadable