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skyBirds will now carry over USLEEP changes, and have reduced save game space required. Special Bugs101 compatibility added. This will help increase performance for users who have a large mod list, and/or, a lot of heavily scripted mods.

Permissions and credits
skyBirds USLEEP Performance Patches v1.0 BETA  by Ruhadre

I want to say thank you to all those that have supported, endorsed, encouraged, and assisted my work.  You all are why I mod  :)
I also want to thank everyone for their patience!  Don't forget to give kudos and endorsements to your mod authors and their mods!
Special thanks to steve40 for allowing the creation and use of these patches.

Thank you for the 523 endorsements so far!  Please enjoy my work!

Why download this patch?

- Patches were developed from version v0.931 of skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds by steve40, and requires it to be installed first.
- Modern USLEEP changes have been carried over to all patches.
- 1st patch just has the USLEEP changes, but does not detach any scripts.  This is ment for users with Bugs101.
- 2nd patch has USLEEP changes, and detaches scripts from bug spawns.  This is for users without Bugs101.
- 3rd patch has USLEEP changes, and detaches scripts from bug spawns and barrels.  This is for users without Bugs101.
- 4th patch has USLEEP changes, and detaches scripts from just barrels.  This is for users with Bugs 101.
- The patches with detached barrel scripts will have dramatically reduced save game space required.
- 83Willows Bugs101 HD will detach skyBird scripts from bug spawns on it's own, but only if loaded after skyBirds.
- It doesn't matter if you don't have Bugs101 now, as users can now enjoy skyBirds as if Bugs101 were loaded per the 2nd and 3rd patches.
- These patches were created after having extensive dialogue with steve40 and Nazenn.
- These patches are intended to help users of skyBirds who have large mods lists and/or alot of heavily scripted mods.
- By decreasing the number of objects the scripts can attach to, the save game space required should decrease.
- All of my mods are awesome, and continue to get better.  This mod is in a state of completion, unless I make a FOMOD installer.

Brodual does an excellent job showing off skyBirds in this video.

Q: Why make these patches?

A: I gained interest in doing so as per my recommendation to use skyBirds with Birds of Skyrim, and my Birds of Skyrim patches.
   Many people have also asked that the save game space required be reduced or eliminated, this is my solution for them.
   This will not eliminate the save game space required, just reduce it.  This also gets rid of any conflicts with USLEEP.
   steve40's scripting is solid, so there is no need to patch skyBirds by messing with how his scripts work.
   People have been talking about how to accomplish this for years, so I decided to do it myself.

Q: Can performance be increased further?

A: Of course, steve40 was kind and clever enough to give us a great MCM menu in his original mod.
   I also highly recommend the following to make your other mods and skyrim perform better:
   - Use LOOT to put your mods in order.  Take notes when specific mods require a certain load order.  You might have to manually adjust them.
   - Unpark the cores of your cpu - This will help your performance.
   - Crash Fixes by meh321
   - Bug Fixes by meh321
   - Artificial Intelligence Limit Increaser by Tonycubed2 and SOT Gang and Refusedzero
   - Reduce the amount of max birds from SkyBirds to be <60. - This will reduce strain on your system.  I recommend 30.
   - Reduce the amount of birds per spawn to be <5. - This will further reduce strain on your system.  I recommend 3.
   - Woodpeckers malfunctioning?  Especially over bleak falls basin? - Reset them in SkyBirds MCM menu.  Repeat as needed.
   - Cities a bit crowded?  Then disable birds in cities all together via the SkyBirds MCM menu.  This is recommended if cities are laggy.
   - Keep the amount of script heavy mods that you use to a minimum. - Accept that your machine and skyrim have limits.
   - INI Tweaks - It's possible to alter the performance of script heavy mods by changing certain INI settings. You'll have to refer to STEP for that.
   - ENBoost - Great to use even without an ENB. Helps performance, but won't exactly do anything to help with scripts.
   - If you have a recent Intel CPU that ends with "K", and it's water-cooled - Overclock it 10% if it already isn't. Again, just do it.
   - If you have a recent Intel CPU, make sure Turbo-Boost is enabled in your BIOS.
   - Use "msconfig" to keep non-essential programs from running at startup.  Makes booting faster, and enables more resources for gaming.
   - Still running a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?  Consider upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD), or using one to run your OS, Programs, and Skyrim files.
   - Another HDD solution would be to use a hybrid drive, or a small SSD to enable Intel Smart Response Technology (it's now called Optane recently)

Patches are in beta, as they might require further development, testing, and review.  But so far, they do exactly as advertised.
Don't know what skyBirds are?  It's one of the best bird mods ever put on the nexus!  Check it out if you haven't already!
It's also been featured on Skyrim GEMS (Encounter Mods > Wildlife Encounters).


1.)  Download and install skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds by steve40.  (Link in steve40's profile)

2.)  Download and install the appropriate patch from the main files here.  Allow it to overwrite the esp.  DONE!

3.)  Download and install USLEEP by Arthmoor  (Optional)
      Even though my patches carry over USLEEP changes, they aren't dependent on USLEEP or any of the DLC.

4.)  If you are using 83Willows 101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly Luna-Moth Torchbug by 83Willow, then use extra spawns version.
      Make sure it is loaded AFTER skyBirds for my patches to work correctly with it.

Note:  ONLY use one patch!!!


skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds by steve40.
TES5Edit by Sharlikran
USLEEP by Arthmoor
Bethesda Softworks for Creation Kit

These are just modified esps.  steve40 has been given editing access for this mod.
The work I did on this mod was nothing compared to the original hard work steve40 did.  Endorse his mod first before endorsing this one.
steve40 has my permission to use these patches in any way he sees fit, and he does not have to credit me.  This mod is his mod.
Mods that dynamically apply scripts to npc's could have possible issues with skyBirds, as they'll try applying scripts to the birds.
The mod ASIS breaks the birds unless you add it to the BlockList.txt file of ASIS.
DO NOT clean SkyBird scripts from save games - That WILL cause you problems!!!  The save game space required IS NOT save bloat!!!

The mod "Foot Prints" have shown through testing that they are applying scripts to the birds in skyBirds.
Enhanced Blood Textures no longer has this problem if using latest version of EBT.
This is causing issues with how the skyBirds scripts are supposed to work.  This testing was performed by steve40.

On-going technical discussion:

NEVER just press the download button at the top of mod pages, always go to the files section and download the correct file(s) from there.


- Birds of Skyrim by Qasiermo
  SkyBirds contains a sound injector specifically tailored for Birds of Skyrim!

- Birds of Skyrim - Ruhadre Patch v1.1 (USLEEP Compatible) by Me
  Please see the posts here if you'd like more technical information on skyBirds.

- 83Willows 101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly Luna-Moth Torchbug by 83Willow
  I recommend that you use the extra spawns version, and contrary to steve40's advice on the skyBirds page, keep it loaded AFTER skyBirds.
  LOOT should move Bugs101 after skyBirds, which is good, it requires no manual adjustment from there.
  This is required so the patches that are intended to be used with Bugs101 will work correctly.

- Birds and Flocks by Kazoomie  
- Birds and Flocks - Ruhadre Patch


steve40 - For allowing these patches to be uploaded, for taking alot of his own time to create skyBirds, and to answer questions about it years later.


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