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Four presets, including Neve and Siobhan.

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Just four different presets, meant for use with The Ningheim Race by Seren4xx. Both of my followers are in here, along with two additional pwetty faces. I might add more as I make them.

Requires The Ningheim Race and Racemenu. If you want these girls to look as close as possible to their photos, these are the mods used:

For Neve:

KS hairdos
SG female textures renewal
H.U.E. handmade unique eyes
TDN equipable horns

(some of the textures used for Neve I edited myself, you can find them in her actual mod download if you want to use them)

For Siobhan:

KS hairdos
SG female textures renewal
H.U.E. handmade unique eyes

For Celia:

Real Girls skin texture
KS hairdos
Lind's Human Eyes

For Roxy:

Real Girls skin texture
KS hairdos
H.U.E. handmade unique eyes
SG brows
Merta Assassin Armor back tattoos

To use, load the preset first, then the sculpt data. If you decide to change a brow/eye type and find clipping or other weirdness you can always make the offending facepart editable in sculpt mode and press Z to force it back to it's original shape. If you don't have FreckleMania installed you will also have to go the to makeup tab and fix the missing overlay textures. That's all!

Also I might have messed up Neve's weight slider, make sure it's set to 50 before you load the sculpt data or you'll get a neckseam :P

Thank you to all the great mod authors who have shared their work, and all the nexus members who have supported my meager follower mods. You guys rock!

Stuff used in screenshots:

Rampage/Noir/Snapdragon/GS Vaermina ENBs
Kameleon Armor
WW Combat Series: Assault Armor
Ashara's Princes of the Woods
Noble Dresses
KS Jewelry
Crimson Twilight Armor
Gilded Doublet
zzjay's wardrobe
Shocky's tumblr gift