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First release of a retexture of the Triss and Yennefer outfits from The Witcher 3, including color variations corresponding to those added by Undeadgoblin's standalone retexture mod. I've also included an optional download with just the default colors as a replace for zzjay's originals. For UNP bodies.

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Complete overhaul of the textures for zzjay's conversion of Triss and Yennefer's outfits from The Witcher 3, including several color variations corresponding to the versions added by Undeadgoblin's Standalone Witcher 3 Female Armor Retextures. As with my earlier Shani outfit retexture, these are not just an upsampled, sharpened version of the original textures either - a fair amount of work has gone into these, recreating a lot of fine details where the originals were lacking, and attempting to simulate the material properties that the outfit displayed in TW3. 

The main download is a full replacer for Undeadgoblin's mod linked to above, including a modified version of their ESP that edits the item names for better sorting and to better conform with the outfit appearance, as well as modifying the alternate texture assignments. In all it includes seven versions each of Triss Merigold's default and DLC outfits, and four versions of Yennefer's default outfit.  I have included a second smaller download if you just want the default outfit textures as a replacer for zzjay's original conversion. 

This is a near-complete "beta" of the textures: I have not retextured Yennefer's DLC outfits or the hooded options of the Triss outfit yet, or the small accessories like jewelry. fur collars, etc. I'll add those in a future release along with minor improvements and tweaks as needed.

This download contains full 4K compressed textures and half-sized uncompressed normals so it's recommended for those with beefier GPUs. I'll eventually build lower-res textures as an optional download as well, but these outfits suffer a bit from the lack of detail in my testing so far so I've opted to release just the highest quality textures for the initial release. 

Not too much more to say - here are a couple of additional detail shots of the armor in game: