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TONS - The Obstinate Novice Smith

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Choose between a nonFriendly Fire version of the vanilla spells, Chain Lightning and Fireball or Two new spells added that are modified versions of the spells without changing the vanilla spells.

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I know normally I do some long and annoying description for a mod, but this is a simple mod and I am busy... working on updating one of my mods and making another mods so this will be a short description... for me... it will be a short description. In fact, I went straight lazy on this and copy pasted this from another one of my mods.  Yeah.  I did.  That just happened.  For you, this will still be lengthy and a nightmare... again.

Someone posted a Mod Request in the forums asking for a mod that changes Chain Lightning so that you can use it to fight your enemies without accidentally bleaching the butt holes of your friends or other nearby NPCs not hostile towards you.  

Come to think of it, those might not have been their exact words, but I imagine that was pretty close.  A full two decades later(not even close to that really), someone bumped that request and others got on it too.  I thought a mod like this already happened.  

I posted it as a response and the person responded like, "Come on man.  Can't you read?  That is not what I asked for/about."

They were right.  I can't read.   Even worse, I couldn't find what they were asking for and I had gotten their hopes up that it existed.  That was 139 years ago (no it wasn't) and now I am back to try to make this right  in a way that will likely go impossibly wrong.

This mod, if you can call it that, changes Chain Lightning and Fireball so they will no longer hurt your buddies or other NPCs that aren't hostile towards you.  They will still hurt your enemies though whether they are hostile or not.  

I forgot to mention this too, but Focused spells can be made stronger if you wear certain jewelry added in the game.  Ancient Focus jewelry will make the spells their strongest period while Growing Focus jewelry will allow the power of the spells to grow as you do but even at max strength it won't reach the power that Ancient produces.

In short: You can now use Chain Lightning and or Fireball around your significant other without ruining their perfect hair.  Tulius' toupee will also be safe if you aren't enemies but who cares about anyone else other than your significant other?  That's right.  Nobody. 


1.2 - Per request, added an "Unshackled" version of Focused Chain Lightning.  This version is a concentration type spell that has massive range.  Like other focused spells, it's damage can be affected by special jewelry.  


I am not taking any questions. My imaginary lawyers have advised me not to speak to the press as things did not go "favorably" the last time I tried speaking to the public. (I told you I copy and pasted this)

Abacus (I told you I like that word)

And I say abacus too much. So no questions at this time for Tons.

And abacus.


Tristamid - for making the original request and making that request simple enough for me to be able to do it.  Otherwise... well... I don't know.   I would have gotten enough sleep this weekend?  Yeah.  I would have, so on second thought, shame on this person for making it so I wouldn't get enough sleep this weekend.

firsTraveler - for bumping the request so I would be able to see it... but also shame on this person for making me feel bad about my illiteracy (this didn't happen).

David Brasher - for creating the  Auto-Add Items to Player Tutorial That has been a huge help to me.

Unnamed Person That I Randomly Creeped Out - I needed some help with something I couldn't get to work.  They helped me get it to work.  I don't want other people to creepily e-mail them from the shadows like I did so I am protecting their identity.

Arron Dominion - for really getting the ball rolling on me learning scripting... and for only being slightly (almost very) ashamed that he did this when he noticed how shotty my work is as well as my obvious and persistent lazy approach to pretty much everything regarding making stuff.

CrazyLionAkarsilMaymayMattiewagg - In no particular order, I am annoying and these are the people I generally annoy whenever I have free time... or even when I don't. Thanks for putting up with me and motivating me.