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Four new arrows for the arcane archer. I know you want the lobster lobber.

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[FUN FACT: This mod appears to work just fine on SSE as it is.]

It currently adds 4 new arrows/bolts to the game. In addition to being craftable with raw materials you can also convert steel arrows in place of the wood and steel. They should fit in for a soulbow, arcane archer, or psionic ranger type character. All of them are slightly OP but sort of not really in the grand scheme of things.

The Spellshots

I already have ideas for a few more for future updates. These are the ones currently included.

Popularised by the ranger formerly known as Windrunner, these arrows fly fast, hit hard, and seem to tell gravity to shove it. Unfortunately, they leave a distinct greenish-gold trail leading right back to the archer.

Powershot is not affected by gravity and has a range farther than you can probably even see something to hit. It does 42 base damage which scales like any other arrow with your archery perks, bow strength, etc. With such force it also has a chance to stagger targets.

You won't realise how torchbugs don't come out half the time at night until you want to craft some of these.

Per Yield of 10
- 1 x Torchbug
- 1 x Steel Ingot
- 1 x Firewood

You can also convert steel arrows into Powershot for 1 Torchbug per 10.

These arrows are slow and heavy, you'll really have to give them a good arc to get any distance. They explode on impact staggering anyone nearby, summoning 3 hearty Skyrim fightin' lobsters half your level to uh... be distracting... or something. Sometimes they even fight things other than eachother.

Originally crafted by a former member of the Companions as joke this actually seems to have some use in combat to distract enemies. The lobsters scale by spawning at half your character level. We don't actually know where these lobsters are from, but it seems they are very related to mudcrabs, such that they look almost exactly like them just with weird deformed tails, and their meat is indistinguishable from that of the common Skyrim mudcrab.

Per Yeild of 10
- 1 x Mudcrab Chitin
- 1 x Red Mountain Flower
- 1 x Firewood
- 1 x Steel Ingot

You can also convert steel arrows into Lobster Lobbers for 1 chitin  and 1 flower per 10.

These arrows explode mid-flight, raining down splashsplosions that knock things off their feet (including you bruh) and deal light damage in an area.

Rainshot explodes in midair sending down 50 arrows as fast as it can directly below the explosion in a roughly 6 meter wide area. If an arrow hits the ground it explodes for 10 damage and knocks down anything within a 1 meter splash zone. Beware, slippery when wet. If an arrow directly hits the target, which against normal sized targets is more rare than you might think, it will do 25 damage, and that damage scales with both your Archery and Conjuration levels - adding a quarter of the skill level to the damage (so both adding 25 damage at skill level 100 for a total of 75 damage per direct hit). This has potential to ruin the days of larger targets - namely dragons.

Per Yield of 10
- 1 x Nord Mead
- 1 x Blue Buttefly Wing
- 1 x Firewood
- 1 x Steel Ingot

You can also convert steel arrows into Rainshot for 1 mead and 1 blue wing per 10.

Arrows blessed by Arkay they explode mid-flight healing you and your allies for 35 health within a 20 meter area. This healing scales with your archery and restoration skills for a maximum of 100 health per explosion. Crafting them requires grinding ruby gems into a fine powder to imbue the shaft with. They fly slow but seem to resist gravity more than normal arrows. Perfect for lobbing over your tanks to give them a shot of vitality.

Per Yeild of 10
- 1 x Ruby
- 1 x Red Mountain Flower
- 1 x Firewood
- 1 x Steel Ingot

You can also convert steel arrows into Flares of Arkay for 1 ruby and 1 flower per 10.

Getting Started

There is a book which is sold by nearly any blacksmith, tradesmith, or quirky named bar owner like the Drunken Huntsman called Spellshots. When this book is in your inventory you will be able to see the crafting at the forge.

Some Videos

The videos of the Lobster Lobbers are from before i screwed with the mesh in Bodyslide.