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This MOD adds male standalone follower "Severini", and his outfit items.

Permissions and credits
This MOD adds male standalone follower “Severini”, and his equip items.
This MOD is the latest version of the file that I shared in my Blog.
If you are updating from an older version: first, please dismissal a follower. next, uninstall. after, install the new version.

I uploaded a patch file aimed at improving the quality.
The following changes are included.

  • Improved the quality of face texture
  • Changed the texture of eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Edited Skeleton.nif, shoulder width became a little broad
  • Changed the body mesh to the mesh of my MOD "El Men's Underwear"

-Follower details

Severini is a Spellsword class warrior, and he fights using a lightning magic and a one-handed sword.

  • Level: Initial 10 -> Upper limit 100
  • Perk: Agile Defender / Custom Fit / Bladesman / Fighting Stance / Critical Charge / Savage Strike / Paralyzing Strike / Magic Resistance / Augmented Shock / Disintegrate / Light Foot
  • Spell:Lightning Bolt / Chain Lightning / Thunder Bolt / Lightning Cloak / Stoneflesh / Ebonyflesh
  • NPC attribute: Essential
  • Marriage: Possible
  • Default outfit: Severini's Jerkin, Boots, Gloves, and Fur Collar (all unique items)
  • Inventory: Sword of Evergreen (unique one-handed sword) / Glasses of Concentration (unique accessory) / Earcuff of Guardian (unique accessory)
  • Location: "The Frozen Hearth" in Winterhold


1. Add outfit items and the underwear of the original design
Outfit is 4 parts: Jerkin, Boots, Gloves, Fur Collar  all design is my self-made (Jerkin and Gloves base resources: Dvahkiin's Jerkin by Q-Ta).
You cannot usually see underwear, but can confirm it by getting rid of clothes in follower management MOD such as EFF, FLP.

2. Add new two enchanted accessories and one-handed sword that players can be equipped.
These items are include in his inventory.

3. Using original 2K face textures (Base: Pretty face for men)
It features the ear matched by his race, and seamless neck.

4. Created dedicated tri morph (standalone expression animation).

- Optional Files

1. El Follower Severini ver1.5 JP
Japanese language esp file for ver1.5. After having installed a main file, please overwrite with this file.

2. Severini Head and Hair Resource
These files are included in this package: "ECE slot", "RaceMenu preset", and "hairstyle resource".
When you want to reproduce Severini as your player character, please use these files.
Although you are allowed to edit this files, you may NOT distribute that files to other users. Also, I do not support this file.
The texture of a face, a body and eyes, please use the thing including in a main file of this MOD.
For ECE user, Since it is used for some parts, please also install ECEE.

- Video by Sinitar Gaming
I was got a spotlight video. very very glad! Thanks!

- About him

Severini is a foreigner from outside in Tamriel.
His race is one kind of elf race which lives in a continent (or, the another world) unrelated to Tamriel, and their appearance is similar to human race than elf race in Tamriel. He is the youth in that.

200 years ago, he visited the Cyrodiil for some reason, he experienced the Oblivion crisis.
Then, he lived to 200 years Cyrodiil, but decided to depart in order to ascertain the current situation of Tamriel.

He remembers various incidents at Bruma. Therefore, He felt destiny north of Tamriel and so he came to Skyrim.
Just now, He is staying in The Frozen Hearth of Winterhold, for visit to the College of Winterhold.

He does not have a close friends in Skyrim.
If you liked him, Please add him to the your followers.

*Japanese desc and change log, click here (link to my blog)